This Earth Day, celebrate the power
of seeds

Scentsy home office in Meridian Idaho

Hold a tiny seed in the palm of your hand. It might seem small and unremarkable, but it contains tremendous power. After all, every seed has the potential to burst forth and become the greatest version of itself. A little soil, a little light, a little water and a little patience can transform that wee speck into a riot of blossoms.

Earth Day is a chance to step back and recognize that the seeds we plant now can protect Earth’s natural resources and beauty for future generations. But it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start? What can one person do?

The secret is to take an example from the humble seed and start small to cultivate a little bit of nature around you. Fill a pot with soil, sprout a few seeds and grow from there.

Plant the seed

Simply growing plants will make a significant impact on our world. Plants clean the air by converting planet-warming carbon into the clean oxygen we breathe. Plants save water resources by controlling storm runoff and returning water vapor to the atmosphere. In urban areas, havens of green protect biodiversity. Trees and plants help slow and reverse the effects of climate change. And, of course, plants and flowers are beautiful to the senses.

Cultivate growth

Scentsy embraces this concept at our home office in Meridian, Idaho. Scentsy Commons is rich with trees, flowers and plants of all varieties. The campus is open to the public, who are encouraged to explore miles of green and leafy pathways, garden spots and breathtaking floral displays. It’s a destination for family photos, community celebrations and even weddings! Co-founders Heidi and Orville Thompson intentionally filled the campus with plants that offer spring-to-fall help for pollinators, like bees and butterflies, which are struggling with environmental challenges.

It’s also a real-life homage to the floral fragrances and products sold by incredible Scentsy Consultants around the world.

Share the bounty

In fact, flowers, plants and foliage are so important to Scentsy, we’ve collaborated with Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida to bring signature scents to life at Blossoms of Fragrance presented by Scentsy at the 2023 EPCOT® International Flower & Garden Festival. Experience this vibrant garden and make sure to pick up a pack of complimentary spearmint seeds, so you can grow a fragrant and flavorful reminder of your visit.

Seeds of change

Then, consider other ways to get started. Seeds make wonderful earth-friendly gifts and party favors. For example, at a Scentsy home party, hand out wildflower seed packets to connect the flowers to the fragrance. Stuff winter stockings with reminders that spring is around the corner. Share tulip bulbs to offer encouragement with the message that adversity leads to renewal.

Grow a garden and enjoy the bounty of flowers and food. It’s the perfect time to plant the seeds for a flourishing garden. Or, learn how to max out your flower power. 

Whatever you choose, incorporate the humble yet powerful seed in your life and watch the change.

What are you growing? How do you celebrate Earth Day? Share in the comments.

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