What’s on your summer bucket list?

scrabble letters spelling out summer in the beach sand

Flip-flop season is almost here!

Make the most of this sun-drenched, fun-loving time of year by writing down a family checklist of all the things you want to do (and accomplish!) by summer’s end.

Make it fun by putting your list on a big chalkboard or poster board, then hang it where the whole family can see. Take turns checking off items as you make them happen – if you don’t manage the entire list there’s always next year!

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Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

    • Family vacation: School’s out, so now is the time to make memories together. You don’t have to spend a bundle to make it special for the whole family. Here are a few small-budget ideas that pack a punch:
      • Road trip: Just fill up the tank and go where the wind takes you! The kids will love helping you decide where your journey leads.
      • Camping (even if it’s just in the backyard): All you really need is a sleeping bag, marshmallows and a sky full of stars.
      • Picnic at the park: Pack a picnic, choose a park you’ve never visited before and spend a long, relaxing day outside. Ask around for parks that include epic playgrounds or a free splash pad to keep the kids excited.

      scenic view of picnic goers in a park

    • Lemonade stand: Teach your kids the value of a hard-earned dollar, or help them support a wonderful charity like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.
    • Pool party: What’s summer without swimming? Whether you crash a friend’s backyard or the neighborhood pool, get your splash on.
    • Homemade pizza party: Did you know you can make pizza at home on your outdoor grill? Here’s a great dough recipe you can prep ahead of time. Try mini pizzas for the whole family – the party’s in the toppings!
    • Go to the movies: Most theaters offer deeply discounted matinees on certain days of the week all summer long. If your kids are old enough, try a drive-in movie.
    • Library time: Pick a day each week and head to the library. Your kids will love choosing their own books, and a standing weekly trip means you won’t forget to return them. Your local library probably has a summer reading program with prizes, and it might also offer free shows for kids. Just ask!
    • Catch fireflies: Does your yard glow after dark? There’s nothing more gleeful than chasing fireflies on a hot summer night.
  • Build a fort: Round up as many blankets and sheets as you can and build the fort of all forts. Leave it up for the whole day and plan a picnic lunch inside!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt: Get creative and you can make the fun last all day. Give older kids a turn to create their own, too!
  • Family talent show: Give everyone a bit of advanced notice to prepare an act, then create a simple stage – even if you just string up a few lights – and cheer each other on.
  • House/yard projects: Have you been meaning to build a raised veggie garden, install a chicken coop or finally paint the house? It might not be as fun as movie night, but it will feel so great to check it off the list! Have the kids lend a hand however they can.

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