What’s on your summer bucket list?

scrabble letters spelling out summer in the beach sand

Flip-flop season is almost here!

Make the most of this sun-drenched, fun-loving time of year by writing down a family checklist of all the things you want to do (and accomplish!) by summer’s end.

Make it fun by putting your list on a big chalkboard or poster board, then hang it where the whole family can see. Take turns checking off items as you make them happen – if you don’t manage the entire list there’s always next year! Feel free to use some of these handy holiday saving tips when planning your list! They might help you save some money and also give you some inspiration!

Little girl laughing while running in ocean waves

Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Build a fort: Round up as many blankets and sheets as you can and build the fort of all forts. Leave it up for the whole day and plan a picnic lunch inside!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt: Get creative and you can make the fun last all day. Give older kids a turn to create their own, too!
  • Family talent show: Give everyone a bit of advanced notice to prepare an act, then create a simple stage – even if you just string up a few lights – and cheer each other on.
  • House/yard projects: Have you been meaning to build a raised veggie garden, install a chicken coop or finally paint the house? It might not be as fun as movie night, but it will feel so great to check it off the list! Have the kids lend a hand however they can.

Just a drop in the bucket…

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