Make a winter bucket list and get outdoors to beat boredom

Family of four playing in the snow

Cloudy skies, freezing temperatures and a chilly blanket of snow can put the brakes on physical activity. You might even hear the kids exclaim the dreaded “I’m bored!”

There’s just no reason to spend the season locked indoors hiding under a blanket. Even during winter months, there’s a host of benefits to getting outdoors. For example, absorbing vitamin D from sun, improving mental health and increasing cardiovascular fitness!

Layer up and enjoy these entertaining winter wonderland outdoor activities (from plan-ahead pricing to free):

The mountains call

The classic fun winter activity is, of course, hitting the slopes with skis, a snowboard or inner tube. If you are lucky enough to live near a mountain area, gather the snow gear, pick up the lift passes, get the kids and head to the hills.

If skiing isn’t your speed, but you still want a thrill, craft simple sleds from cardboard and trash bags. Hike up a hill and slide back down! No snow? No worries! An ice block (freeze your own) topped by a beefy towel satisfy the need for downhill speed.

Bubble up some fun

Going for a soak in steaming hot spring water while it’s frosty outside is one of life’s simple pleasures. Combine that with breathtaking natural scenery for a winter adventure worthy of the scrapbook and Instagram feed. Some natural hot springs are accessible by vehicle. With other hot springs, you might get to enjoy a short hike. Just remember the snowshoes (and towels)!

If you live in an area without any nearby hot springs, a regular old hot tub will suit. Check out local hotels or community centers.

Keep it chilly

The snowman is a winter icon. Roll your way to the classic top-hatted winter ambassador or challenge the family to a creative snow sculpture contest. What icy cartoon character or holiday image will adorn the yard? What will the neighbors say? It’s all part of the fun. And a backyard snow day wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of snow angels!

Go for a winter hike/scavenger hunt. Print out a list of things for the kids to find on their walk, from pinecones to snow boots. Pop it on a clipboard with a crayon to cross off their finds. Then bundle up and head down the sidewalk.

Designing and constructing a snow fort is one of childhood’s fondest feats. Cover the chilly ground with a tarp and sleeping bag and grab some flashlights for hours of fun without the frostbite. If a snowball fight happens to break out, well, at least you’ll have some cover.

Scentsy wax melts scented in hug in a mug sitting on a dining table beside a bowl of hazelnuts, cups of hot cocoa, sugar cubes and plate of cookies

Warm it up

After a day in the brisk outdoors, warm up toes, fingers and noses with some relaxation time. Add in hot cocoa and soup for warm bellies and hearts. Load up on the sofa with blankets for a winter movie or game time. Don’t forget to bring some of the outdoors back inside with fragrance.

What is your favorite winter activity? Share it in the comments.

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