Trendspotting: Tin is in!

We get it.

Trends are tricky, to say the least. Too much of any good thing suddenly feels like WAY too much. Before you know it, something you really love flashes out of the pan — maybe even veering into clichéd territory. And it’s almost always right after you redecorate your living room to “keep it current.”

It’s impossible to catch every shiny new object thrown your way — that’s why we always encourage personal style. It’s the best bet! Fill your space with what you love and don’t apologize for it. Your home is YOURS — who cares if it doesn’t look magazine-ready?

But as much as we love individualism and celebrating what’s real in life, there’s something to be said for a trend that becomes so trendy that it rises above that hot-or-not territory and officially becomes its own thing.

Tin is the new black.

This is the arena we’re playing in today: Tin is an essential element of that not-going-anywhere, rustic industrial style in home décor and design. You know the one. It falls somewhere between country and cool, with a toe in modern, shabby chic and even full-on ranch vibes. Edison bulbs. Shiplap. Old-made-new furniture. Concrete. Chic chicken coops. Chalkboard everything. The modern farmhouse. TIN.

If you look around your home, or at least scan your dream house board on Pinterest, odds are you’ve already embraced it — whether you know it or not. Thanks, HGTV reruns!

But the question remains …

How do we wear our love for tin on our sleeves without wearing it out? Here are a few tips for working tin into your home without overdoing it:

  • Use it sparingly. Don’t take your tin floor-to-ceiling unless you want to leave guests scratching their heads, wondering if you have a brain. Temper it with other materials, like natural wood, jute or tile.
  • Embrace the rust, but just a bit. Hit up antique stores or the local flea market and reclaim whatever scrap tin you can find. Focus on just-worn-enough pieces that catch your eye — like milkcrates, pails or an old windmill — and give them a new home. Just make sure you wear gloves and protect your clothing when you’re digging through rusty metal.
  • Consider the fifth wall. We’re looking up more than ever these days, so think about choosing antique metal tiles for your ceiling or go all-in and cover the entire span with sheets of corrugated tin. Just be wary: When you commit this big, avoid using tin in other decorative elements or on the walls unless you’ve gone country.
  • It’s all about the accents. At Scentsy, we’re about giving the people what they want. And what they want is TIN! We’ve embraced the style with warmers like Country Living, Tin Can Stars and Olive Bucket, so you can pick your pleasure.

Ready to add a bit of rustic charm to your home?

Call your Scentsy Consultant for pointers and to shop. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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