Whiff Box: New scents and surprises every month!

Photo of open Whiff box

Like Forrest Gump said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

Maybe that’s why sample boxes are all the rage — everybody loves a surprise!

With Scentsy Whiff Box, you get loads of surprises each month as you experience a variety of Scentsy’s latest products. It’s the ultimate scent sampler, ideal for staying in the know about fragrance trends and discovering new favorites you never knew about before!

woman opening her awesome Scentsy Whiff Box

Inside every Whiff Box is an assortment of new, trending or seasonal fragrances

and product lines curated in-house by Scentsy. While you won’t know precisely what you’re going to get each month, you can always expect to find five to eight sample and full-size consumable items (aka the stuff that runs out) in each box — and ALWAYS some of that famous Scentsy wax. Plus, you can always count on getting a “sniff preview” of the next Scent of the Month in a single-use sample. The remaining contents of a Whiff Box will vary depending on availability. Items could come from Scentsy Laundry, Clean or Body product categories, or our selection of on-the-go products. The thrill of surprise is always alive!

Photo of Whiff Box

Every Whiff Box arrives in a whimsically designed package

bedded with tissue and complemented with a note about your box and a fun surprise, making it the ideal gift for fellow fragrance fans. And it always packs value: Its contents will always cost less than buying the items individually. You can’t go wrong with Whiff Box!

Another plus is that Whiff Box is eligible for Scentsy Club subscriptions. So, if purchasing a Whiff Box just once isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for the latest scents, you can schedule a new Whiff Box to arrive at your door every month, two months or three months at no extra cost — and with discounted shipping! To learn more about Scentsy Club, our monthly subscription program,click here.

Questions about Whiff Box, Scentsy Club or anything else scent-related? Contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one now.

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