How to Store Fragrance Bars

Storage counts! How to extend the life of your Scentsy Bars

Do your drawers, cabinets and shelves overflow with colorful clamshells? If so, you might be a Scentsy Bar hoarder! And you’re not alone — we’re a proud club with many members.

Choosing the perfect Scentsy fragrances is a very personal process. You make your way through 80+ scent samples, order the ones you really love, wait patiently for them to arrive and then lovingly store each and every one in your designated Scentsy drawer … at first.


Eventually, you’re ordering more because it’s Thanksgiving and guests are coming! Or because you need more summery scents. Or because you’re on a diet and maybe Corner Café fragrances just might help curb your hunger.* Before long, you’re cramming Scentsy Bars into every available nook and cranny, trying to hide your obsession from the husband.

We get it. We’re right there with you

No matter how many Scentsy Bars you like to keep on hand, we want to help make sure each and every one warms beautifully. The way you store your bars can affect a fragrance’s character, duration and performance.

Here are a few tips on how to properly store your Scentsy Bars to maximize their shelf life:

  • Keep them in a cool, dark place. (Try the linen closet to infuse your towels and sheets with fragrance!)
  • Lay them flat whenever possible. (Scentsy Consultants: Hanging them on pegs temporarily for fairs and shows is no biggie.)
  • Don’t leave them in direct sunlight for any extended period of time.
  • If you store your bars in the kitchen, avoid the drawers next to the oven or stove.
  • First in, first out! Rotate older bars to the front of your stash to make sure you use them first.
  • Avoid keeping your Scentsy Bars in the car for too long — the sun could melt them.

We’ve done extensive testing on the “freeze and thaw” method, and it’s too extreme for most fragrances. Follow the recommendations above for the best results!

*Yeah, don’t count on it. They actually make us MORE hungry!  🙂


  1. Nikki

    I the blog is great I can sendto my customers and post Facebook

  2. Sue

    Some people suggest storing them in the refrigerator, particularly in warmer climates. I’m wondering what your thoughts on this are?

    • Scentsy

      Our fragrance experts recommend to keep them out of the fridge all together. A cool, dry, dark place is the best place to store Scentsy Fragrance wax.

    • Amy Clayton

      My Scentsy bars are stored in a big container out if the direct sunlight and not hear any heat sources and I have found that every one of my bars has moisture in the tops and they do not give off much of a scent when you burn them. I have spent alot of money and now alot of my scentsys are garbage. What a waste of money I’m very upset about this.

      • Scentsy

        Hi Amy, we’re very sorry to hear this. Please reach out to your Scentsy Consultant about this, or call our support team at 1-877-855-0617, Mon-Fri from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm PT.

  3. Kathleen

    Why don’t the scents last like they used to? That is my main complaint..

    • Scentsy

      Hi Kathleen,

      That is actually a common question. Check out this blog post for more information.

  4. Kendra

    Why do some bars change color in the clamshell? I’ve noticed that some of the pink ones turn white or even the blue/green fades around the edges to grey.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Kendra, that is a great suggestion for a blog post. We will see if we can get one going that can help explain your question!

  5. Nicole Suzanne Brown

    thank you so much for this blog post! Fun, informative and great tips! 🙂

  6. Laura Corbett

    I have been buying now for some time and I decided to re-organize my scents so that I would use the oldest first. I see that I have 3 different sets of packaging for my bars and I think I know the correct order, but would confirmation from a Scentsy Expert. I have bars with a big Scentsy logo where the logo is in a cursive font. I have bars with a small Scentsy logo where the logo is in a cursive font. I have bars with a big Scentsy logo and a butterfly on them. I believe that from oldest to newest is:
    oldest: big cursive logo
    next: small cursive logo
    newest: butterfly
    Please confirm.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Laura! That is correct. You have them in the right order from being oldest to newest.

  7. Luz Mercado

    Hi just got my order from a fb party I did. My ? Is should I store them in the fridge or should I store them in my lining closet in the box they came in. I use to store them in the fridge before. My Doughter in law is a consultant but I introduced her to scentsy when I bought her a house warming gift & so she became a consultant but I always told her to store them in the fridge is this the correct way to store them?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Luz. We do not recommend storing them in the fridge, the temperature change can be too extreme for some of the fragrances. We recommend to keep them in a cool, dark place. If they are in the box that they came in, that would work fine too!

      • Cheryl

        Hi I have lots of Scentsy bars can I open a bar cut a bit off put it back into storage and use another scent in a few days….. I like a change or so I need to use all of the wax before I can change. Thank you

        • Scentsy

          You can use it however you’d like!


    When I joined 5 1/2 years ago somebody gave me a website to go to that was what I call recipes with Scentsy Bars. It’s were you mix 2 to 3 different Scents and it will make into something yummy. Does anyone happen to have the site, it would be greatly appreciated?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Mary! The website was called Scentsy County Fair, however we took down the website because a lot of the mixtures had fragrances no longer available. We do have a blog post about how to Design Your Own Fragrances. We do have some great combination suggestions there and if you have a few to share, please do!

  9. Melissa Ely

    I have had some scents bars in a dark cool drawer for a couple years and they have become pitted and oily like the fragrance oils have escaped from the wax. I have actually just bought a couple new bars in the past month and I have noticed that one is doing the same thing. I have not used it yet. Is there any way to stop this from happening? I don’t want all of my new scents to go bad like my others did.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Melissa! Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, no but don’t worry when warmed, the oils should blend back in with the wax just fine, with no noticeable effect on your fragrance experience. Check out this blog post for more information on why your wax might seem like it “sweats”.

  10. Laura Drevo

    Hi, I’m a new consultant. What would you suggest on sending bars to someone in a different state? For example, I’m sending two bars to North Carolina from Nebraska! How do I keep them safe? Thank you!

    • Scentsy

      Hi Laura. We recommend to package them so the items are secure and not bouncing around. This time of year heat is not a larger concern, but we do have Consultants that will use the keep cool bags in the summer time to keep wax from melting in the packages. Does anyone else have any helpful tips for Laura?

  11. Nancy

    How long do we store our Scentsy bars that we make in the freezer

    • Scentsy

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for your question. We actually do not recommend to store fragrances in the freezer. The preferred method is in a cool, dark place.

  12. amy moore

    i heard that if you store your bars in plastic that the bars sweat more.

  13. Nadine Walker

    I have some that the candle has like a loose liquid on them in the clam shell that gets all over like they are melting I have them in a cool dark chest…

    • Scentsy

      Hey Nadine, if you’re Bars are leaking oil. then please contact your Scentsy Consultant or give us a call at 1-877-855-0617. We’re available Mon-Fri, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Mountain Time.

  14. Robyne

    Love scentsy !!! I noticed a ton of comments on the wax’sweating’ , I’d like to note. That 100% is not gone bad. It s just a separation of oil from the wax. It still smells and melts great !! I also have my bars in a cool dark drawer. One will do it and the one next to will not. I personally don’t mind. A ton of collection 🙂 are discontinued scents. I wouldn’t give them up and some are quite old and sweaty lol. I mean if really bothered you. Melt the bar in a microwave glass then pour it back into the clam shell. It will all mix back together. It’s in my opinion just cosmetic. I just learned though to lay them flat instead of upright. And Iv been having fun collecting discontinued scents ?!! in fact this minute , I hand neverland and goody goody gum drop and ice hotel being shipped from someone that lives a few hrs away. Love my accord warmer. Scentsy all the way !!

  15. Melinda Mamula

    I put my Scentsy inthe fridge because it’s hot where I am and no ac. Now there are no scents at all even when burning I’m so upset .

  16. Barbara the barbarian bitchtits!

    After the scent has faded is there a way to refresh the pack by maybe microwaving it for 10 secs or maybe a little steam but that’s my question and it’s clove and Cinnamon I’m talking about it’s a all time fav for me! Sometimes I wonder about eating it 😉

    • Barbara the barbarian bitchtits!

      Hell yeah!

    • Scentsy

      We wouldn’t recommend doing this. When the fragrance has gone, the best thing to do is remove the used wax and replace it with fresh wax instead adding to the existing wax. If you think you might have gone nose blind the fragrance, try turning it off for a bit and then turn it back on later. ?

  17. Carli

    Why isn’t it good to hang them up?

    • Scentsy

      Good question! It’s okay to hang Bars for events, but hanging them for extended periods may allow the oils to shift over time to the bottom of the wax and possibly leak out. This will also depend on warmth and climate. ?

  18. Monique Narrier

    Hi, if they have been in a cupboard for a good while and start to smell abit what’s the word dusty I guess like it smells like the cupboard lol does this affect the scent much??

  19. Rachel Hadley

    That is such a cute box. Do you mind sharing where you got it from?

  20. Sandy Padgett

    Just got an order I received and all of the wax bars are really pitted. Opened one of them and put 2 cubes each in 3 separate warmers and you can’t smell any of them unless you get right up on the warmer. Seemed unusual, and I had not received so much pitting in the bars before (not sure if it’s related?). I just received them last week from the consultant.


    Hi, How long does the scentsy wax bars last in their packaging ? like 6mths or 2years or longer before being melted while stored in a cool dark place.

    • Scentsy

      We recommend that bars be used within a year to ensure an optimal fragrance experience, but you can still enjoy bars after this time frame, especially if they follow correct storage methods of being in a cool, dark place.

  22. Tammy

    Hi I keep my snap bars in my cupboard and they have gone soft is there a way to harden them

    • Scentsy

      Hi Tammy. There is not. However, you can still use them that way. The oils will mix in once it melts.

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