Friday the 13th: Fear no fragrance

Fall leaves over bright purple sunset

Black cats. Cracks in the sidewalk. Some guy wearing a hockey mask.

There are certain things people try to avoid, especially on Friday the 13th, believed by many to be the unluckiest day of the year. Fragrance, however, isn’t one of them. In fact, scent is most often associated with positive vibes and bountiful benefits.

Here are a few associations folks make with particular scents. Call them myths, superstitions, wishful thinking or theories yet to be proven. Whatever they are, they’re fun to think about on this 13th day of October, 2017!

photo of lavender field

Lavender and Trust

Should I buy a car from this person?

Research shows a connection between lavender and our tendency to trust another person. According to a recent study, “the calming scent of lavender temporarily induces an ‘inclusive’ thinking state, unlocking a compartment of our mind that enables us to align our thoughts more closely to those around us.”

This is great if you want to build a close relationship. Be alert, however, if a salesman approaches you wearing a little too much Lavender Trance cologne.

To learn more about this study, click here.

photo of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus and Negative Energy

Let’s vanquish the bad vibes, shall we?

Eucalyptus sends forth a clean and refreshing scent and is known to help heal wounds with its antiseptic qualities. But did you know what some claim it can do to the energy in a room?

“If you’re dealing with hateful people in your life … it will drive out possible harm from your house and promote prosperity and economic welfare. … It helps to remove all the negative energies and improve your sleep quality as well.” (Indiatimes).

Nothing bad about creating good vibes!

photo of peppermint candy and hot chocolate

Peppermint, Cinnamon and Traffic Stress

I’m a happier driver, don’t you think?

Sitting in gridlock, getting cut off, dealing with fender-benders. Commuting can be stressful. Who knew the scent of peppermint or cinnamon could help curb your frustration?

According to one study, “it is reasonable to expect that the presentation of peppermint or cinnamon odor while driving may produce a more alert and conscientious driver, and minimize the fatigue associated with prolonged driving.”

Could these aromas be your exit from automotive aggravation? Go to WebMD to learn more about the study.

photo of a vanilla ice cream cone

Vanilla and Mood

Sorry I’m crabby. Can I smell your ice cream?

In creamy, delicious ice cream form, vanilla has been known to cheer up many a soul in a blue mood. But even the scent alone may be the secret to feeling happier and more relaxed.

“Researchers found that taking a whiff of vanilla bean elevated participants’ feelings of joy and relaxation. The results were measured through mood mapping, which included emotions ranging from happiness and stimulation to apathy and irritation” (HuffPost).

Can a whiff a day keep the blues away? Click here to learn more.

Other scent associations include pumpkin and romance, apple and headache relief, pine and relaxation, and many more. Have you heard of others? Do share! Add a comment below.

Please note that Scentsy does not confirm, refute or support any of the beliefs or studies presented in this blog. We just love fragrance, and we’re fascinated by its ability to spark the imagination, create memories and transport us to places both real and dreamt.

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