Happy International Fragrance Day!

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It’s International Fragrance Day (one of our favorite days all year long)!

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You might be wondering just how to celebrate a day devoted to fragrance. Here’s what we suggest: Open a Scentsy Bar, smell the fragrance, and see where it takes you. How do you feel? What do you remember?

You see, there’s a science to the connection between scent and memory. But it’s emotional, too. The feelings that come rushing back when we smell a familiar fragrance. The experiences we recall with even the subtlest trace of lilac or sandalwood or pine. Fragrance has the power to take us back in time.

What’s more, every single day — every moment — you’re creating new scent memories. Just think what you’ll remember down the road!

Here are a few cherished scent memories from the Scentsy home office team, inspired by new Spring/Summer 2018 fragrances:

“A” is for Apple

“This scent reminds me of my Papa, somehow, even though he died when I was 3. I can’t remember what his house looked like, or even much about the backyard, but I remember the taste of the apples we used to pluck from his tree. I can still picture the sunlight coming through the branches, and I see his dark glasses and smiling mustache.” — Amanda W. 

“The smell of apples reminds me of the times I spent as a teenager helping my grandpa in his apple orchard with my cousins. We would sleep in a tent in the orchard, make up songs about apples and working in the orchard while we worked, and play capture the flag at night. Apple scents evoke some of my most treasured memories of my grandpa and my cousins.” — Serena A.

Photo of apple orchard tress

Caramel Sugar Cone

“When I was a kid, my aunt lived in Santa Cruz and whenever we visited, we would spend a day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It’s this cool, beachside amusement park, and it always smelled like heavenly waffle cones and ice cream to me. This fragrance captures that scent perfectly!” — Dalia G.

photo of ice cream cones in a mug

Heirloom Peach

Heirloom Peach reminds me of my dad. Peach was my Pop’s nickname! He couldn’t get enough of peaches.

When I warm this fragrance, it brings back everything. Not just the memory of baking peach pies and eating fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream — we always had a boatload of peaches on hand — but all the great times we had together. As I got older I realized “peach” was a really funny nickname for a grown man, but growing up I never thought it odd when my 20+ cousins called him Uncle Peach. Even my friends called him Mr. Peach instead of Mr. Kerns.

Sadly, he passed away 19 years ago, but warming Heirloom Peach brings it all back. It’s a flashback to my childhood and just having him around.” — Holly K.

photo of fresh peaches in a colander

ScenTrend 2018: Heirloom Peach

Each year, we highlight a new fragrance note as the trend to watch — and experience! Heirloom Peach is featured in FIVE new and returning Scentsy fragrances this season, so be sure to give it a whirl.

“Peach reminds me of North Carolina, which is where I am from. In North Carolina, during the summer, there are fresh peach stands along the side of the freeways. In college, my friends and I made a tradition of stopping by one of the stands each time we’d head out of town to go to the beach. I’m always reminded of that carefree feeling of a road trip with friends when I eat or even smell peaches.” — Mindy S.

It’s your turn! Open a Scentsy Bar and travel back in time. What memories do our new fragrances bring back for you? Share your scent memories in the comments below, or on social media with #ScentMemories.

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