Get to know Heirloom Peach!

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Our Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog will be ready to shop tomorrow, March 1!

Which means in a matter of hours, you can explore our brand-new fragrances, warmers, oil diffusers and so much more. We can’t wait!

We’re also excited to debut our 2018 ScenTrend fragrance note, Heirloom Peach! Each year, we highlight a new note that makes a can’t-miss appearance in some of our fragrances (both new and returning). But what makes Heirloom Peach so special?
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Here are just a few of its charms:

It’s versatile! While peach might immediately be associated with spring/summer, it’s much more than just the sweetest part of a fruit cocktail or rich dessert (but it’s that, too!). For example, it can be grilled, roasted or even dried for a totally different twist.

It plays well with others! Heirloom Peach’s sweetness provides a lovely counterbalance to herbal notes like chamomile, giving way to a more complex fragrance.

It’s also great on its own! Heirloom Peach has a classic, timeless scent, so it’s guaranteed to please when featured as the centerpiece of any fragrance.

Ready to give Heirloom Peach a whirl?

Here are the Spring/Summer 2018 fragrances that feature it:
Apricot Vanilla Scentsy Bar

  • NEW! Apricot Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • NEW! Darling Dahlia Scentsy Bar
  • Southern Sweet Tea Scentsy Bar
  • Peach & White Amber Scentsy Bar
  • NEW! Cherry Berry Chamomile 100% Natural Oil

As fabulous as Heirloom Peach is, it’s only one of the many reasons to pick up our Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog! You’ll find so many fabulous products — both new and returning — your cart will runneth over.

Peach IconOur catalog will be available to shop tomorrow, March 1 (only one more day!), so contact your Consultant to get in on the fun! If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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