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Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day?

We rounded up our top five productivity hacks to help you make the most of your workday, every day:

  1. First things first

    It’s always so tempting to start the morning with something easy: checking email, responding to calls, making appointments. But the most productive folks start with the biggest or most important thing on their list, then fill in the little gaps throughout the day with the smaller, less important tasks. Why? It’s hard to squeeze in the big thing later in the day! Best to knock it out early. (Plus, it feels AMAZING to get it done.)

  1. Cut the distractions

    We all have a love/hate relationship with our phones. And most of us feel the same way about social media. We see those notifications pop up, we hear the bells and tweets, and we think we need to check it RIGHT NOW.

    We don’t!Being constantly connected is a hard habit to break — but break it you must! When you need to focus, turn it all off. It’ll still be there when you’re ready for it.

  1. Set daily goals

    Consider this your to-do list on steroids. Write down and prioritize all your goals as must-do’s or nice-to-do’s, and start cracking. Don’t forget to add a checkmark or draw a line through each goal you’ve achieved! This will give you a sense of accomplishment that’ll power you through the next thing on your list.

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  1. Take breaks

Stand up. Stretch. Take a walk. Check Facebook. Get that third cup of coffee. If you don’t take breaks, odds are you’ll end up in burnout/zoned-out territory, staring blankly at the computer screen and wasting more time. Caveat: Set time limits for your breaks (use the timer on your phone to remind you when to return to work) so you don’t get stuck.

  1. End with tomorrow’s list

    Before you close up shop, take a few minutes to jot down and prioritize a list of goals for tomorrow. That way, when you start the new day you can jump right in to first things first!

    These tips help with daily productivity, but what about the things in our schedule we can’t control? For most of us, the reality of working a 9-to-5 means we’re ultimately putting someone else in charge of our time — or at least a big chunk of it.

    That’s why so many people these days are on the hunt for flexible ways to do fun, meaningful work in their free time (or anytime). Being a Scentsy Consultant is one of those rare opportunities to love what you do and actually get paid for it. And the best part? You’re in total control of how, when and why you work.

To learn more about joining Scentsy, reach out to your Consultant or get the scoop here.

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