Holiday coloring sheets from Scentsy

Coloring page surrounded by art supplies

With Christmas just around the corner, it can be hard for kids to contain their excitement — and we don’t blame them! It’s a magical time of year with presents, sweets and time off school. Setting up an arts and crafts station for your kids is a great outlet for their creative energy in the run-up to Santa’s arrival. We’ve even created some Scentsy coloring sheets to get you started!

Stock up on supplies

Whether your kids like to color inside the lines or add their own creative flourishes, they’re going to need something to color with! Markers or crayons work best, but if you have a particularly ambitious young artist, some glue sticks and glitter can add extra holiday sparkle to their masterpiece!

Three children with Scentsy coloring page

Location, location, location

Arts and crafts are a great way for kids to express themselves — but sometimes that expression can stray off the page and onto tables and walls. We recommend setting up your crafting station somewhere you can keep an eye on the activities, and where messes can easily be contained. When in doubt, kitchen counters can be a good option, especially if you’re busy prepping food for holiday gatherings!

Create a display

Celebrate your kids’ creativity by putting their work on display! While the fridge may be the classic spot for hanging childhood works of art, why not deck the halls with their holiday-themed creations? This way, these colorful works can be appreciated by holiday visitors (including Santa himself)!

Child in the process of coloring the Scentsy holiday coloring page

We hope your kids have fun with this classic coloring activity — and we’d love to see their masterpieces! Share them on social media with the hashtag #scentsysnapshot, and be sure to tag @Scentsy!


  1. Tina I Minger

    I love all the scentsy stuff I soak up everything and print out all that I need. I thank you for the coloring pages.

  2. Michaela Wemmert

    Ich finde die Seite echt super.Und man lernt soviel.Hab die Malvorlagen auch gleich runtergeladen.Macht weiter so.Malvirlagen für die Lampen wäre auch super

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