It’s pumpkin carving time!

There’s something special about Halloween. Even the least crafty among us try to DIY in October, whether it’s carving elaborate designs into pumpkins or creating a last-minute costume with whatever’s in the closet.

If baking belongs to Thanksgiving and Christmas, making belongs to Halloween! At the very least, it’s the official kickoff to the season of creative, hands-on holiday décor. The trick (or is it the treat?) is in choosing the right project, so it looks like you know what you’re doing.

Make it spooky

You don’t have to spend a scary amount of cash to deck out your very own haunted home. Here are a few unique and easy Halloween décor ideas that will transform your house from cozy to downright chilling. Make it a family thing by inviting the kids to help — they’ll love showing off their creations. 

To the bat cave!

Nothing says All Hallows Eve like a colony of bats in your living room.


  • Black construction paper or felt
  • Scissors
  • Black string or yarn (optional)
  • Double-sided tape, sticky tack or pushpins for hanging


You know how it’s easiest to cut out a heart by gently folding the paper in half? The same goes for bats. They’re somewhat symmetrical, so grab some black construction paper and start cutting. If you can’t quite get it right, try printing a silhouette to use as a template.

Once you’re finished cutting, grab your stack and go batty! Hang your frightening new friends everywhere: String them up as garland, suspend them from the ceiling or simply stick them on the walls for an unexpected fright. 

What tangled webs we weave

Bring on the creepy crawlies with DIY spiderwebs, no weaving required.


  • Your grandmother’s doilies (or paper doilies from the craft store)
  • Plastic spiders
  • Double-sided tape, sticky tack or pushpins for hanging


Lend your Halloween décor a vintage vibe by recycling those doilies collecting dust in your grandma’s attic — or those sourced online or picked up from your local antique store — as spiderwebs to suspend from doorways, casually drape on tables or use in your Halloween centerpiece.

Something wicked this way comes

Have you noticed how the most suspenseful horror films never reveal the villain or monster — or they save the big reveal for the end? That’s because the unknown is so much scarier! What’s lurking in the shadows? Where’s that sound coming from? Why do I feel so afraid??


  • For this one you’ll need festive, colored bulbs and/or some imagination.


For truly spine-tingling frights, play with the lighting in your home. Cast new shadows, trade the warm glow from your porch lights for a few subtle, flickering Jack-o’-lanterns or a string of orange lights. You can even swap out the bulb in your Scentsy Warmer for something more menacing. Look throughout your home for your own “light bulb” moments and start flipping switches!

All it takes is a spark of creativity, a trip to the craft store and a few bucks to get your home ready for trick-or-treaters. Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t forget the pumpkins and embrace the results, no matter how scary.

Happy Halloween!

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