Get inspired by updating your workspace!

Does your desk leave you feeling more blah than brilliant?

It really shouldn’t! Giving your workspace a facelift can make you feel happier, more creative and more motivated — so you can get MORE done.

Many of us put more effort behind function than form in a home office, prioritizing things like printers and shelves over art or color. But with an ongoing rise in self-employment and side gigs, stylish and inexpensive office supplies that bridge the works great/looks great gap are everywhere! And it doesn’t take much to make a big impact.

Here’s the bottom line: You need to want to spend time at your desk. Some days, a LOT of time.

If your workspace is more ho-hum than homey and inspiring, consider these few tips for making it a more comfortable, welcoming, PRODUCTIVE place to be:

Make it tidy.

We all know clutter = distraction. It’s easy to put off your task list when your desk is stacked a mile high with scraps of paper, ringed coffee mugs, snack wrappers and last week’s mail. Mess happens, but try this: At the end of every workday, take five extra minutes to put everything in its proper place so you can start the next morning fresh and unfettered. If you’re desk seems to continously be piling up with stacks of paper, you might consider looking into this tutorial on scanning documents into word if you’re not sure how to already, in order to decrease the paper documents you have on hand, and instead create a digital version of your most important documents.

Make your goals known.

Did you know a written goal has a much higher chance of success? If you have your eye on a prize, write it down and hang it up! Use a trendy letter board (you can get them just about anywhere these days, in a range of sizes and colors) or design your own vision board with your written goal, a picture that captures WHY you want it, motivational phrases, your favorite quotes and at least one funny cat meme.

Make it fragrant.

The right scent can help lift your mood and keep you humming right along — especially when you’re up against a deadline and need the boost. Try bracing peppermint fragrances to help sharpen your focus and keep you energized. Lower your stress levels with grapefruit. Keep a tube of lemon-scented hand cream at the ready — it’s a known brain-booster!

Think twice before putting potted lavender* or an equally soothing, sleepy fragrance on your desk. It might look pretty, but the impression of your keyboard across your face from an impromptu snooze will not.

*Disclaimer: If you regularly indulge in a fourth cup of morning coffee, the calming effects of lavender might be just what you need!

Make it yours.

Sometimes it’s easier to cram yourself and a laptop into any available spot, or maybe you had no choice but to merge your office with the guestroom, playroom or laundry room. No matter! Whether you love the sea, street art or the color green, fill your space with what makes you happy. The more you enjoy walking into your zone, the longer you’ll want to stay put.

Need some style or fragrance ideas for your space? Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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