Looking for a side job? Here’s how to choose

Life is in the extras.

Those shoes you don’t really need (but you totally NEED), that trip you can’t really swing (but you haven’t gone out of town in forever!) – even the extra sprinkles on your swirly cone (rainbow, of course). These are the happy little things that make life better. And they’re usually first to go when money gets tight.

More people than ever are taking on side gigs to cover the extras. In fact, about 44 percent of workers ages 25-34 are working a side job! That’s almost half of the working millennial population. But the trend is present for people of all ages.*

A lot of people are creating their own side businesses that see success quite quickly and they often expand them to bring in even more income. This could mean that they put some ads up in their local area or it could even lead to a website being created. Depending on how tech-savvy they are, they would make it themselves – or they could just outsource to someone like SquareSpace. Whatever the circumstance, people do it to bring in a bit of extra money to get them by and to be able to afford little luxuries.

We’re all suckers for convenience (and we’re all connected by our handy smartphones), so there are options galore for making an extra buck:

  • You can knit tea cozies or scarves and sell them online!
  • You can babysit, tutor, chauffer, bartend or blog!
  • You can run people’s errands for extra cash! (Who has time to stop by the dry cleaner? You do!)
  • You can start a home business!

Network marketing, à la direct selling, à la running a home-based business as an independent consultant for a reputable company, is growing in popularity because people want their work to work for them.

In 2016, the U.S. Direct Selling Association reported:

  • $183.7 BILLION in global direct retail sales (up 7.7 percent).
  • 103 MILLION people in the U.S. involved in direct selling (up 4.4 percent).

That’s major! More than ever before, people are recognizing direct selling as a go-to side gig. Why, among all the options? Because of the perks.

Take Scentsy, for example. When you launch your own Scentsy business, you get to be the boss, which means:

  • Freedom to work when you want.
  • Flexibility to work how you want.
  • Support from fellow Consultants (your Scentsy community) when you want.
  • Amazing products that already have a humongous fan following.
  • Resources from Scentsy to make it all so much easier.
  • Rewards and incentives for getting the job done. (That vacation you’re dying to go on? Yeah, you can earn that – all expenses paid.)

We get it: OF COURSE we’re going to suggest you join Scentsy. We ARE Scentsy. And we’re probably a tad biased. After all, we want you here! But don’t just take our word for how much feel-good fun our Consultants have (while holding on to their extras!), hear it from them:

“Scentsy is so much more than a job!!! I have a passion and love for a career that has BLESSED my family in so many ways! I have earned free vacations for me and my family. I have earned so many amazing awards I never thought were possible.” – Andrea D., Scentsy Consultant

“Scentsy has shown me not only that I can succeed with hard work and belief in myself, but with great support as well, anything is possible! It has given me confidence to reach outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person.” – Kasey G., Scentsy Consultant

“Scentsy is a HUGE part of our finances (I have a part-time home health job, too) and without it, we would have a much harder time of things. I am SO THANKFUL for Scentsy! I spent my birthday present money on my Starter Kit in 2014, and I maintain that it is the best money I have ever spent!”- Heather T., Scentsy Consultant

Need we say more? Ask your Consultant or visit scentsy.com to make Scentsy your ultimate side gig.

* Source: prnewswire.com.


  1. Helem

    How muck is the starter kit. Please and thank you

    • Scentsy

      Hi Helem,

      The Standard Scentsy starter kit is $99 in the US. We are featuring a special starter kit this month that includes a Scentsy Diffuser for $149. For more information on what comes in a starter kit and how to sign up. You can go Here.

      • Jackie

        Hi Helen I don;t now if you now this or even if you have already joined, but there is a mini Stater Kit this month for only $49! Still contains everything you need to get started. Give your local Consultant a call xx

  2. Helem

    Thank you for helping me i want too get it as soon as i get the money

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