Get your home ready for the holidays

There are many wonderful things about the holidays, and hosting big family dinners can definitely be among them. It’s a special moment, when the torch is finally passed down a generation and you’re allowed to have Thanksgiving dinner at your place – or at least serve leftovers the Saturday after. But playing host also comes with a healthy amount of planning and prep work.

Once you set the date for your first event of the season, take the chance to chip away at that list of home improvements and deep cleaning you’ve been meaning to get to since … well, since you skipped it this past spring.

To make the house sparkle

There’s a big difference between clean and ready-for-the-whole-family clean. Well meaning as they might be, you’ll have at least one aunt or in-law sweeping for dust bunnies or reminding you how important it is to clean out your gutters. If your list is daunting, focus on what can be seen for your holiday parties, then tackle the rest next spring.

For a comprehensive cleaning checklist, whether you really want to dig deep or just get the whole place sparkling in a hurry, check this out.

Save time and energy with the right products.

There are a million cleaning products on the shelves, but how many smell just as wonderful as they work? If you haven’t made the switch to Scentsy Clean and Laundry products, now’s the time. Our high-performance formulas are elevated with your favorite Scentsy fragrances, like Luna, Sunkissed Citrus, and Amazon Rain.

On a budget?

Make your whole house shine with one bottle of our All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. It can be used on just about every nonporous surface in your home, including walls and floors, and just one properly diluted bottle makes six 16 oz. bottles of cleaning solution. It even forms a clear, dirt-repelling barrier to make cleaning easier over time.

Before your family arrives

Go outside and enter your front door as a guest would. How does everything look? Have new leaves fallen from the trees and covered your porch? Any weeds growing in the flower beds or planters? Take a moment to spruce up your entryway, and don’t forget a festive front-door wreath or sign, a couple of pumpkins and a welcome mat to usher in the whole family. The best part about taking care of yard work in the fall is that the weather is oh-so crisp and cool, you actually get to enjoy being outside!

Get in the holiday spirit

When decorating for your party, focus your attention on the living room, dining room and kitchen – where people linger! Work in simple DIY projects or go to your favorite home store and pick up a few festive accents, and be sure to swap out your Scentsy Warmer for something seasonal.

One final – and the most important – tip

Just before your guests arrive, fill your home with a warm, welcoming Scentsy fragrance like First Day of Fall or a can’t-miss bestseller like Welcome Home. It’s like wrapping every single person up in a hug right when they walk in the door.

Once all that’s done, the only thing left on your to-do list should be the food! What are your best tips for getting your home holiday ready?

To stock up on hardworking Clean and Laundry products that leave your home squeaky clean and freshly scented, contact your Scentsy Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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