Pickin’ the best pumpkin in the patch

photo of pumpkin patch

Do you remember the first time you visited a proper pumpkin patch?

There’s something magical about piles and piles of pumpkins, big and small — orange as far as the eye can see.

Maybe your memories don’t travel quite so far back, but you can still picture taking your little ones to pick out the perfect gourd for their first Halloween jack-o’-lanterns.

(Warning to first-time parents: It’s NEVER the easy-to-carve, round, symmetrical pumpkin. Kids tend to choose the wonky, warty, oblong monsters that are downright unsafe to carve. But who could say no?)

The best pumpkin in the patch can be hard to find. Especially now that most farm stands feature a rainbow of options to choose from. Maybe you’re a traditionalist and always stick to the classic Jack or Cinderella styles. But if you’re up for something new to add flavor to your harvest décor, try:

  1. Lovely Lumina. This white pumpkin might just be the prettiest one in the patch — it tastes great, too. And it’s perfect for modern mantles or a more elegant (If you love it, the Rustic Pumpkin Warmer might just fit the bill.)
  2. The Giant. These county-fair behemoths look amazing perched outside the front door, but don’t forget that most patches charge by the pound! If you’re looking for a carving challenge, look no further.
  3. The Fairytale. This pumpkin is one that lives up to the name. It starts out dark green and ages into a more classic shade of orange — just right for a Halloween-style happily ever after.

Once you have the perfect pumpkin for your fall decorating or spooky October parties, set the tone one step further with the just-right fall fragrance. Explore the Fall & Winter Collection to stock up before the final leaves fall.

And this season, don’t miss out on wearing a beloved fall scent:

Our Farmstand Pumpkin Lotion features indulgent notes of fresh apple, cinnamon stick, pumpkin and caramel. It’s super-hydrating and has an easy-to-use pump. What’s more, the bottle it comes in is even kind of cute and round, like the perfect carving pumpkin!

photo of Farmstead Pumpkin lotion

When you get back from the patch, be sure to call your Scentsy Consultant to explore all the GOURD-geous products to choose from this season. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at scentsy.com.

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