Behind the scenes: How Scentsy Warmers are made

Scentsy Warmers invite you to play up your personal style while safely filling your space with fragrance — minus the flame, soot or smoke. We love variety at Scentsy, so we offer more than 100 warmer designs at any given time and always add new styles to the lineup each catalog season. We also introduce a brand new design every month as part of our Warmer of the Month program!

With so many options, it can be hard to know which warmer to choose — but we can help. Because not only does each warmer design have a unique set of features, it also has a unique story to tell.

Did you know?

Thousands of hands — developers, designers, craftsmen, photographers, pickers, packers, shippers and more — touch each warmer we make, from start to finish. That’s a lot of Scentsy love!

How it’s made

Many of our new warmer styles are featured in the Scentsy catalog with a “How it’s made” callout that highlights unique materials or the innovative techniques our artisans use to create each one. These details help express the quality and craftsmanship of our warmers — and why they’re the best out there.

But it’s not the whole story. Ever wonder how a Scentsy Warmer is really brought to life? Here it is, the lifecycle of a Scentsy Warmer, from conception all the way to your doorstep:

Step 1: Analysis

Give the people what they want!

More than a year before a Scentsy Warmer is available to buy, our product development team looks at what’s trending in the home décor industry, plus any up-and-coming styles. We consider product and style seasonality, so you always have something new to display each holiday or season. And we take a look at our current line — especially the bestsellers — to build upon the trends Scentsy fans already adore, and to add more variety or introduce an innovative new manufacturing technique. 

Then comes the really fun part …

Photo of Scentsy's creative team brainstorming

Step 2: Design

Use unexpected materials to delight and inspire.

Our in-house designers dream up new warmers based on our market research and analysis, create detailed drawings and partner with our expert craftsmen to create real-world samples. Together, designers and craftsmen perfect each design, from shape and color down to the actual materials used, to make every warmer special.

Once the samples are finalized, our forecasters determine how many we need to make to meet customer demand, then hundreds — sometimes thousands — of talented hands get to work. 

Product designer using pen and tablet to design a new warmer

Step 3: Manufacturing

Create something handcrafted, beautiful and made to last. 

If you’ve been around Scentsy long, you might have heard this common phrase: “From rocks to warmers.” That’s because most of our original designs are crafted of ceramic or porcelain. Using methods passed down from generation to generation, our craftsmen take actual stones and refine them into clay, pour that clay into handcrafted molds and, step by step, form something beautiful and unique — to our in-house designers’ exact specifications.

Once a warmer is molded, it’s fired in a kiln. Then glaze, hand-painted accents, decals, stencils or a combination of finishes are applied before firing the warmer again. The process takes an incredible amount of precision, skill and heat, plus a steady, delicate touch.

Over the years, we’ve honed our process and unveiled exciting new designs, warmer types and finishes to offer even more selection and style. Now, we partner with artisans around the world to create warmer designs from high-quality materials like ceramic, glass and metal, all lovingly handcrafted and meticulously checked to meet our impeccable standards.

Step 4: Marketing

Show the world what makes our warmers special.

We know a rose by any other name would smell as sweet — but we also understand that the right name can make all the difference! Our creative team brainstorms unique, memorable names for each new warmer, writes thoughtful descriptions to highlight its features and style, and develops numerous sales tools Scentsy Consultants can use to promote them, including catalogs, brochures, sharable images for social media and more.

Step 5: Packaging

Wrap every warmer in a protective, giftable package.

Our warmers can be delicate, so keeping them safe is a must. Each warmer design is accompanied by unique packaging that not only protects the product, but also hints at what’s inside. Our warmer boxes feature various patterns and colors to match the style or season and the warmer name. Each box also has a printed “ribbon” around the middle — an homage to when Heidi and Orville Thompson, Scentsy Co-Owners and Co-CEOs, hand-wrapped and hand-delivered Scentsy Warmers with the help of our earliest Consultants. 

Birds eye view of the Scentsy warehouse

Step 6: Storage & Shipping

Use the utmost care to house and ship each warmer.

Our distribution centers house all our warmer inventory and operate an incredibly streamlined pick, pack and ship process so Scentsy Consultants can run their businesses without needing to keep their own inventory on hand. We store product safely and, once an order is processed, ship it as quickly as we can. After all, once a Scentsy fan chooses a new warmer for their home, waiting for it to arrive is the hardest part!

From our hands to your homes

From there, Consultants, customers and fans add even more love to the process by carefully choosing their new warmers and proudly displaying them at home — right where they belong.

To shop Scentsy Warmers and see what’s new, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at


  1. Maria R Euler Reply

    I love Scentsy warmers and their products! I just wish that the company would continue to make the replacement dish tops for the retired Scentsy warmers. I have at least 10 warmers without dish tops and continue to look for them online, EBay, Facebook marketplace and anywhere I can find them! I have 18 warmers and plug ins in my home and love the aromas of the waxes and the warm glows they omit. I get many compliments because of Scentsy so I continue to order when I can. Please consider making more replacement dish tops and I think that may be a great incentive to consumers, as are your specials and Bring back my bars campaigns. Maybe, Bring back my warmers or replacement parts?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Thank you for sharing your feedback on the replacement dishes. It’s great to know there’s interest in having them available for a longer period. 💜

  2. Susan J Livingston Reply

    Please bring your manufacturing of the warmers to the US. I love Scentsy but refuse to buy things made in China. Your prices reflect American made so make it here!

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