How to store Scentsy Pods

Scentsy Pods are a fantastic way to experience your favorite Scentsy fragrances. When used with our fan diffusers or air purifier systems, these pods provide up to 120 hours of fragrance — and they come in packs of two! With each pod lasting so long, it’s easy to grow a sizable collection of your favorite scents. Here’s how to best store all your Scentsy Pods:

Keep Scentsy Pods cool, dark and dry

The magic behind Scentsy Pods lies in their spill-proof fragrance beads, which are activated by heat and airflow. The last thing you want is your pods to start releasing their fragrance early, before you have a chance to intentionally enjoy them! Keep the pods in a cool, dark and dry place like a drawer or cabinet to help them stay fresh and ready to use!

Do not freeze Scentsy Pods

The freezer is dark and cool, but it’s not an ideal place for Scentsy Pods. The extreme cold can negatively affect the quality of the fragrance beads inside each pod. Also, the cycling freezer air may prematurely activate your pod, causing it to give off fragrance far before you pop it in a diffuser.

First in, first out

Now that we’ve talked about where to store your Scentsy Pods, let’s talk about how to organize them. While it may be tempting to keep pods in color-coded rows or divided by fragrance family, we recommend keeping the oldest pods up front. In other words, rotate your pods. As with all things, time will eventually take its toll on your Scentsy Pods. Organizing your storage to prioritize the pods you’ve had the longest will keep your collection fresh.

Basically, keep Scentsy Pods with your Scentsy Bars!

If these tips look familiar to you, you’re right! This is the exact same advice we give on how to store Scentsy Wax Bars! Turns out the secret to preserving great fragrance is just having enough drawer space. So if you already have a Scentsy Bar collection, feel free to store your pods alongside them!

What fragrance do you always keep on hand? Let us know in the comments!

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