Last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

photo of Scentsy Body Products in valentine's wrapping

Valentine’s Day snuck up you again, huh? ?

Though it’s just a few days away, there’s still time to plan something so sweet, she’ll think you’ve been planning it for MONTHS.

Breakfast in bed

There’s something indulgent and vacation-y about eating in bed. Get up early and make a special meal, complete with fresh-brewed coffee and mimosas.  A love letter or handmade card with a pretty flower wouldn’t hurt, either.


Yep, the spa’s been booked up since Christmas, but it’s not too late to purchase a gift certificate for a couple’s massage. Package it with a nice bottle of prosecco and a bouquet of flowers, and you’ll be safe for another year.

Take a cooking class

Can’t make reservations at a nice restaurant? Sign up for a cooking class!. How fun would it be to learn how to cook a fancy meal together? Culinary schools, restaurant supply stores and high-end kitchen stores often have classes available, and though you may not be able to sign up for one on Valentine’s Day proper, it DOES show you made an effort. Bonus: You can make the meal you learned to cook together for future special occasions.

Get a pedicure

Pedicures are an easy indulgence, especially since walk-in mani/pedi salons are so plentiful. Pick out a cute pair of sandals and put a few magazines in the shoe box with the gift certificate for a complete package.

Put a Scent Circle or Car Bar in a cute bag

For friends, neighbors and teachers, put a Scent Circle or Car Bar in a cellophane or gossamer baggie. Add a few candies or flower petals for a cute, easy and affordable gift.

February Car Bar Image

Hire a cleaning service

She won’t take this the wrong way, promise. Every woman would LOVE to have a magic fairy clean the house while she’s at work. Hire a cleaning service to come work their magic while she’s away so she comes home to a clean house. Be sure to score extra points with a vase of flowers and a bottle of wine on the counter!

Have a picnic in the living room

Nice music, nice beverages and nice nosh always score well, but up the cute factor and put your spread on the living room floor.

Make a playlist

Go through your iTunes or Spotify libraries and put together a list of songs that remind you of your  love, or songs that are meaningful to you as a couple. It’s like an old-school mix tape, without the cassette tapes, effort or having to hit “record” when the song comes on the radio.

Frame a special photo

This one looks like it took a lot of effort and planning, but it really doesn’t. Go through Facebook or your phone and find photographic evidence of a special occasion in the last year, such as a birthday, anniversary or vacation. Order a print online and put it in a nice (silver) frame.

So there you go! Next year, set a reminder on your phone to contact your Scentsy Consultant and order something she’ll REALLY love: products from our Scentsy Body line in her favorite fragrance!

Don’t have a Scentsy Consultant? Find one here.?

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