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Marlo shares her fitness secrets!

At Scentsy’s home office, we’re lucky to have an incredible gym — and even more incredible fitness experts to help us get the most out of it! Scentsy Consultant Development and Wellness Manager Marlo Salomonson has helped coworkers, Independent Scentsy Consultants and members of our community reach their wellness goals — so we asked her to share her fitness tips with you! Best of all, you can get started at home!

Change your mindset

You can do anything you want to if you’re willing to change your mind set about your health. The key to changing this mindset is to identify why you want to be healthy. Do you want to take care of your health to have more energy, be able to withstand diseases like type 2 diabetes or do you just want to be able to get on the ground and play with your kids or grandkids?  Any way you look at it, it’s important to find your reason why you want to take care of your health and write it down.

Believe in yourself

The next step is to start telling yourself that you are important and that you want to take care of your health. Keeping your self-worth in mind is vital to staying motivated. Anytime something negative comes into your head or you make up an excuse, refocus and tell yourself why you are important and why you are making this change.

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Get moving!

When it comes to starting a new exercise routine, it’s best to take things slow. Moving your body 15 to 20 minutes a day is a great place to start. You could go for a walk around the neighborhood, go to your local gym and jump on one of the cardio machines like the elliptical. Once you’ve started building your exercise habit, explore actives like hiking or group exercise classes. When you find something you like to do, you’re much more likely to stick with it!

Pair diet with exercise

If your why is to also lose weight, I would recommend joining some type of plan that will help you learn how to eat better. There are also some great apps that help you keep track of what you eat. Stay away from diet plans that cut out entire food groups. You want to learn to eat a well-balanced diet and still have a treat from time to time so you can stay consistent.

Stick with it

Starting a health and wellness routine can be daunting, but it can help to keep the big picture in mind. The goal isn’t to change overnight — it’s to learn how you can take better care of your health. Consistency is key: If you mess up, it’s OK — give yourself the grace to continue to move forward.”

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To recap: The key to sticking with a fitness routine is to identify why health is important to you, believe in your ability to become healthier, take things slow at first and remain consistent. The only thing left to do is put these tips into action. Today is the day to start making the change to take care of you and your health!

Thanks for the tips Marlo!


  1. Denise Chadwick

    Marlo, hello my friend!! Because I changed my whole eating habits several years ago, I upped my game even more this year. And added a gym membership. The best part is my husband and two sons have joined me!!!!! And together we all are making permanent changes. I have noticed my oldest Jacob is happier not eating all of the crap!!! And Spencer my 6 year old is doing better in school. Nutrition and exercise is the central key to everything else in your life and feeling better!! Thank you for your amazing example!!! Love ya and see you in June??????loves and hugs deni

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