What we’re thankful for in 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner

As families across the United States get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s hard to deny that things feel different this time around. In a year when hardship and isolation has impacted so many aspects of our lives, the idea of celebrating all the things we have to be grateful for may sound challenging to say the least. But with a little creativity and positivity, this Thanksgiving can be the perfect recipe for curing the 2020 blues.

Savor what hasn’t changed

There are some aspects of Thanksgiving that will always be familiar. The anticipation of a great meal as blissful aromas waft  from the kitchen, the joy of making an old family recipe, children’s excitement for dessert (despite being “too full” to finish their green beans), falling asleep while watching football — these familiar moments can be a grounding source of comfort.

Person cutting a slice of pumpkin pie

Create new traditions

This is a great year to create new ways to enjoy Thanksgiving. Maybe you arrange a group video call with loved ones far and wide. Or have a movie night after dinner. You could even try your hand at making a new dish for the feast itself! Trying different approaches to the holiday season is a great way to avoid frustration, and most importantly, focus on enjoying time with your family. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a tradition that will carry on to future Thanksgivings!

Person waving to camera on a video call with family

Share what you’re grateful for

This year’s challenges have been isolating for many people, so sharing a little holiday joy is more important than ever! Actions can be big, like donating to your local food bank, or more personal, like reaching out to distant relatives and friends you haven’t heard from in a while. Even just sharing the things you’re grateful for on social media can help spread positivity this time of year.

Sharing what we're grateful for

We here at Scentsy are grateful for the incredible community of Consultants and Scentsy fans whose determination and positive attitudes act as a constant inspiration for us. What are you grateful for this year? Let us know in the comments!

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