What are Scentsy bundles?

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Bundle your favorite Scentsy products and save!

Getting great discounts on Scentsy products is a breeze! With Bundle & Save, you can stock up on great fragrances, beautiful warmers and more — all for a great price. We’ve recently given this feature a facelift, to make it even easier to find deals on the items you love. Here’s how it works:

1: Pick a category

While on your Consultant’s personal website (find a Consultant) select the category of product(s) you’re interested in bundling — Warmers + Wax for example. In the dropdown list of options, click Bundle & Save.

2: Select a bundle

Once you’re on the Bundle & Save page, you’ll see a range of bundle options, filtered by your chosen product(s). Building off of our Warmer + Wax example, you’d find several options for bundling Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars. Maybe you’re looking to sample a few new fragrances you’ve been curious about and opt for the three-bar bundle. Or, if you want to double down on some of your favorites, a six-bar bundle may be the perfect fit. Find the combination of products and savings that’s right for you and click “Build bundle”!

3: Build that bundle

This is the fun part. Choose each item in your bundle to truly make it your own — so explore your options and seek out your favorites. Most products from our current catalog, plus many limited-time offers and seasonal collections will be eligible for Bundle & Save, leaving plenty of room for creativity. Once you’re satisfied, click “add to cart” and continue shopping!

And there you have it! Finding great savings on Scentsy products really is as easy as 1-2-3. Explore your Consultant’s personal website and see for yourself!

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