Meet Scentsy’s Chief Ball Chaser

Scentsy's Chief Ball Chaser Izzy the dog

Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25! To celebrate, we’re highlighting a very special Scentsy employee who’s more than familiar with the value of four-legged friends in the workplace!

Technically, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day for Scentsy’s Chief Ball Chaser, Izzy. With her positive attitude and playful demeanor, Izzy’s been bringing smiles to everyone on the Scentsy campus since 2012 — when she was just a pup! Here’s a look at what makes Scentsy’s furriest executive officer so special.

Izzy keeps her eye on the ball

Frisbees, tennis balls, squeaky toys — you name it, Izzy will catch it! There’s nothing like getting a little exercise and bringing a smile to her coworkers’ faces in the process. Of course, when there aren’t any balls to chase, the geese attempting to “visit” the Scentsy campus keep this red border collie plenty busy!

Lending a helping paw

When she’s not enjoying a good chase, Izzy loves brightening her coworkers’ days! She knows there’s no better pick-me-up than getting to pet one doggone cute pup. When the Scentsy Commons is open to the public, Izzy loves to greet guests with her endlessly optimistic attitude. She’s looking forward to bringing plenty of joy to the people she meets this year!

Scentsy's Chief Ball Chaser Izzy the dog photo collage

Woof/life balance

Chasing tennis balls and being adorable is all in a day’s work for Izzy, but while she’s off the clock she enjoys the chance to relax and put her paws up (usually for belly rubs). She’s also the proud mother of 10 puppies, so she knows the value of making time for family! Of course, if someone does want to play fetch after hours, she’s definitely not going to complain.

You can learn more about Izzy on her official bio! Do you have a furry friend that helps out at your business? Tell us about them in the comments!

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