Welcome spring, no matter the weather!

Has spring officially sprung in your neck of the woods?

The first day of the season was March 20, but that date probably rings hollow for people in, say, Michigan, where temperatures don’t rise to spring-level warmth until the end of April or May. Or for folks in Florida, where spring just doesn’t last — it’s hitting 90 degrees in Orlando!

Luckily, you don’t need perfect spring weather to embrace a spring state of mind.

Whether you’re already seeing bees buzz and flowers bloom, or you’re still huddling inside waiting out the final frost of the year, now is the best time to celebrate spring — even if it’s only indoors.

Plant a colorful spring garden.

Before you start planting outdoors, consider your growing zone. While timing and temperatures are never exact year to year, knowing when your final frost might hit and what grows best in your region will help you fool all your friends into thinking your thumbs are naturally green.

starter plants beginning to grow

If it’s too early to plant an outdoor garden at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t start growing your favorite flowers, fruits or veggies now! Seeds for most vegetables and herbs can be started inside about six weeks before the final frost in your area. You can also force bulbs indoors to trick flowers into showing their petals whether the sun shines or not. 

If you’re craving vibrant color but don’t want to work hard to get it, start filling your jars and vases with inexpensive spring bouquets — just pick them up at the market, add water and enjoy.

Plan a spring activity.

It doesn’t have to be warm to fly a kite — all you need is a breeze. Or dress in layers and take a hike! If you live in a warmer climate, go first thing in the morning. If your area is still experiencing cooler temps, choose late afternoon. Do you live near a botanical garden? Even if the outdoor views aren’t yet full-color, there’s likely a greenhouse full of blooming flowers or an all-season garden with something to enjoy.

woman in field of flowers

Fill your home with spring beauty.

No matter what the weather, make your senses believe it’s a soft-breeze, sun-warmed, 68-degree kind of day with bright, flowery fragrances and garden-fresh style.

Here are a few pairings we love:

There’s nothing like the promise of spring, so ignore the thermometer and welcome the season — and all the possibilities that come with it.

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