Keep your home fresh through April showers 

Sure, they bring May flowers, but April showers also come with muddy boots, dripping umbrellas and soaked clothes that need extra TLC.

Tired of the spring slog?

Keep the puddles outside where they belong with a few helpful tips to maintain a sparkling clean, great-smelling home:

Designate a dumping ground.

Whether it’s your mudroom, laundry room or the garage, pick a spot near the entrance of your home for the whole family to hang up or drop their drenched gear before coming inside. Deck it out with wall hooks for wet jackets, an umbrella stand to catch the rain and a rubber floormat or tray — way better for catching mud and much easier to clean later.

Spritz shoes — inside and out — with deodorizer.

There’s something about the stench of mushy, wet, worn-in sneakers that makes even a wet dog smell enjoyable by comparison. Avoid the odors and mold that come from puddle jumping by storing wet shoes on a rack for even drying, and spray them with Scentsy Fresh to replace the stink with Blue Grotto or Sunkissed Citrus instead.

Make mopping up messes easier next time.

No matter how many times you remind the kids to kick off their shoes before coming in, there will still sometimes be footprints (and pawprints!) on the floor. Dilute Scentsy’s All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate in a mop bucket with water to get your floors squeaky clean. With regular use, it also imparts an invisible barrier that repels dirt, making it easier to clean over time. We like the Coconut Lemongrass scent to help that fresh-and-clean feeling linger. 

Keep clothes fresh with full-cycle fragrance.

Fragrance for your clothes: Try it once and you’ll never want to go back! When you pair our high-performance Laundry Liquid with a scoop of scented Washer Whiffs — especially for those already-wet loads of rainy clothes and damp towels — you’ll not only get clean results, but wonderful fragrance.

Rain, rain — you can stay!

There’s nothing like a spring thunderstorm to get flowers blooming and trees budding, so make it easier to keep those rainy-day messes in check and enjoy the beauty of the season.

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