Yep, there’s a warmer for that.

photo of the little garden warmer

A big goal for us each season is to design something new for everyone. For warmers, that means a broad range of colors and patterns and materials, all put together in completely different ways to create lots of special somethings.

Is your style hip and trendy? Timeless and elegant? Bold and modern? Maybe it’s a unique blend of them all (eclectic!) or completely undecided (oh, the possibilities!).

No matter what, we’ve got you covered. See here:

photo of the little garden warmer

The right-on-trend warmer.

Little Garden

Succulents! Concrete! Customization! This one hits on all the hottest trends. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of home décor, look no further. Plus, it’s fun. Little Garden comes with black stones and faux succulents, so with a bit of creativity it’s ready to perch on even the hippest coffee table. Or trade succulents for sand and create a miniature meditation garden for your desk.

photo of in the shadows and daisy warmer

The naturally charming warmer.

In the Shadows

This warmer has it for fall. For one, it’s completely handcrafted — and somehow stylishly daring and delicate at the same time. This natural beauty glows with purpose.

Love the Daisy Lantern Warmer? In the Shadows is made the same way, but with an interesting new pattern. Each warmer ­passes through dozens of hands to mold, chisel, fire and finish each one uniquely. Pretty cool, huh?

The pretty patterned warmers.

starflower warmer


Each petal is a tiny piece of etched glass, so when the light goes on it looks like an ethereal, glowing mosaic! Artful and cool, this warmer leans energetic or subdued based on its surroundings. Make it stand out or seamlessly fit into your space, whichever you please.

indigo tile warmer

Indigo Tile

We love mini warmers for their versatility (plug it into a wall or use a Tabletop Base for any surface), and this little blue beauty doesn’t disappoint — especially in a kitchen or Spanish-style home.

The looks-good-anywhere warmer.

photo of champagne warmer


This warmer looks amazing in an elegant or retro-hip setting, darling in a romantic space, and it’s the cherry on top of even the most eclectic room. Versatile design is definitely something to celebrate. Cheers!

The modern must-have warmers.

mid century warmer


Love the clean lines and vintage reverie of 20th-century modern design? Try this bronze statement maker in a utilitarian or masculine setting. We’re thinking Don Draper would approve.

photo of contempo white warmer

Contempo White

On its face, this minimal beauty reads modern all the way. But in reality, it almost takes on the characteristics of the room you put it in. We love it next to the rawness of concrete or steel in an industrial setting and the happiness of bold color or florals in a bright room. If you’re not sure it goes, just assume it will look great in your home!

The country-chic warmer.

Prairie Pitcher

Pour on the charm! Like that needle-in-a-haystack find at the flea market, this rustic pitcher is an all-around pleaser. Don’t go thinking you need to live on a farm to make this work in your space. It’s right on trend with that industrial-rustic, modern-farmhouse style everyone’s crushing on these days.

(For those of you who loved Scentsy way back when, it’s actually a bit reminiscent of some of our earliest warmer designs, like this one:)

Built with Love

Sometimes a house is so much more than a house. When it comes to this sweet little warmer, it’s all about home. When you purchase Built with Love, Scentsy will donate $9 (USD) to Habitat for Humanity® to help make home possible for more families. Learn more at

Did you see something you like? Here’s a secret for you — there are many more new warmers to discover! Call up your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to get your eyes on the rest. No Consultant? Find one at

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