Achieve balance on National Simplicity Day


Simplicity, one of the three core values Scentsy is built on, has been practiced and appreciated by many notable people, including 19th-century philosopher Henry David Thoreau, who said, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” What a relief!

Thoreau’s call for simple living is heard loudly and clearly to this day, so much so that July 12 has been dubbed National Day of Simplicity in his honor. This is a day to achieve balance: to turn off the noise that’s all around you, tune in to what really matters and reach out to help make someone else’s life a little simpler.

Turning off

No bones about it — this part isn’t easy! Our day-to-day lives are busier than ever between kids, career and other commitments. Then there’s technology. Smartphones, tablets, computers … our Wi-Fi world is filled with devices constantly competing for our attention. So “powering down” from anything may seem like a pipedream. But it’s not. Simplicity, the “exact medium between too little and too much” (Sir Joshua Reynolds), can be achieved. All it takes is planning for some quality “me time” to find that exact and happy medium where balance lives. It sounds impossible, but don’t worry — you can do it, and it’s so worth it!

Tuning in

What are those things in the sky? Those are birds. What’s that under your feet? Soft blades of green grass. Quiet time can help you rediscover the simple yet extraordinary gifts in life we tend to overlook because we’re overwhelmed. Moments of simplicity enliven our senses to the magic that surrounds us all, from the rustle of trees outdoors to the giggle of children playing on the floor. Tune in to what’s around you, what recharges and centers you, and plan for some simple time.

Reaching out

It seems natural for Authenticity and Generosity to follow Simplicity as Scentsy’s core values. They’re the fruits Simplicity bears. When you’re keenly aware of the peace of mind and stability simplicity offers, you want to share your good fortune with others. Sharing can be as easy as taking a friend who’s feeling down out to lunch or volunteering at a local charity. Few things are quite as authentic, and beautiful, as giving to others, from the heart.

Of course, any day can be Simplicity Day when you feel the need to power down, relax and give back. Just think of today, July 12, as a friendly reminder. And plan ahead!



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    Jean paris

    This is so true & much needed in our fast paced society today,we need to stop & smell the roses as it were! It recharges both the body & spirit.

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