Easy steps to planning your summer — and making the most of it!


Don’t let this summer pass you by!

Ever reach the end of summer and wish you could go back to the beginning and spend more time with family and friends, or more time at the pool? Even if you like spontaneity, having a plan never hurts. There’s plenty of time for spur of the moment adventures — and plans can always change!

Here are some easy steps to make the most of your summer:

  1. Make a (summer) bucket list. Are there must-do items on your agenda this summer? Pre-planned trips? Family obligations? Or maybe things you’re just excited to do or accomplish? Make a list and a schedule to get it all done.
  2. Decide on a budget. Take time to decide what you have to spend on summer fun. Are you planning one big trip and hoping to save elsewhere? Or are you trying to do as much as you can for as little as possible? There are plenty of fun activities that can be done on the cheap — or even for FREE! Choose your priorities early, before you overspend, and remember the early bird gets the best deals.
  3. Find local activities. Check out community calendars for local events like movie nights under the stars, concerts or food festivals. Budget-friendly options include riding bikes, hiking local trails and visiting nearby lakes or rivers. You might even find a photography club, jogging club, hiking group or recreational sports team — and make new friends along the way.
  4. Stay active. It’s a good idea, especially if you have kids, to keep busy and keep the boredom at bay. When my kids are at home, a lot of the time, I see them pretend playing with each other. This is a way of staying active, especially when I see them dancing to music right after because they’ve decided that they are a musician dancing on stage. But I know that when this is over, they’d want to do something else. So, thinking of activities that your kids can do outside will be an advantage too. Plus, it is good to get fresh air once in a while, even if your kids enjoy staying indoors a lot of the time. Find a camp such as Camp North Star or a sporting activity to keep those kiddos moving! Busy bodies make for busy minds. And there’s always classic summer activities like camping and fishing, or taking the dog for a nice long walk in the evening.
  5. Make time to relax! We need time for ourselves every now and then. Put the technology away and just enjoy the moment — and the people you’re with! If you love a good book, make a summer reading list! Indulge in a movie marathon or hit the theater for a matinee. Camp under the stars in your own backyard, make s’mores and catch fireflies!
  6. Spend time with those you love. Making summer memories is all about who you share them with, so reach out to family and friends and host a party or two (perhaps a Scentsy party, where you could earn great Host Rewards — i.e. FREE Scentsy products!). Or even go away together for a few days to do some sight seeing, or just have a relaxing holiday by the coast and perhaps visit a nice coast restaurant!

Share your tips — and your plans for this summer! — in the comments!

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