Positively Scentsy!

Think fast: Stop reading and write down three things in your life you wish were different. (We’ll wait …).

Now, write down three things that are going well in your life. (Still waiting …).

If you’re like most people, it’s easier to think about what’s going wrong in your life and things you want to change. As taught by The Flourishing Center, Inc., “Positive Psychology” is the scientific study of human flourishing, and aims to train your brain to focus on what is RIGHT in your life to and nurture your strengths.

At Scentsy, we want our Consultants and employees to be their best selves. That’s why we offer a comprehensive wellness program that includes an on-site gym for employees, fitness programs for Consultants and monthly conference calls on wellness to help Consultants make their health a priority.

So what does our wellness program have to do with helping you to focus on what is RIGHT in your life?  A lot! Scentsy Wellness Manager, Marlo Salomonson, has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center, Inc.,  and is integrating its principles into upcoming training and events.

Top Notes: Why is Scentsy using the training you received in Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center, Inc. for its Consultants and employees?

Marlo Salomonson: We know if you’re in good shape mentally and physically, you’ll be more productive, successful, and hopefully have more meaning and joy in your life.

TN: How does what you learned in your Applied Positive Psychology training differ from ordinary positive thinking?

MS: The training I received focuses on building what is right in our lives.  The reality is that as individuals, we move in the directions of our thoughts. So if we think about fixing what’s wrong, we’re training our brains to rehash the past and think about our weaknesses.  We want to train our brains to start thinking about what is right, so that we can continue to grow and move forward.

TN: Very cool! So how can you start putting your Applied Positive Psychology training into practice?

MS: The key to retraining your brain – and having a more meaningful life – is to do lots of different exercises to help your brain recognize all the good things in your life.

First, write down three good things that happen every day for four weeks. This is the first step toward training your brain to move in a more positive direction.

Second, focus on what’s right. The next time you go into a meeting or start a difficult conversation, lead off with what’s going well. You’ll notice people are more receptive to anything critical you have to say, and you set the tone for a more positive interaction.

And finally, recognize that other people matter. It can be really easy to view other people as obstacles or the source of our problems, but when you recognize that other people have hopes, dreams, feelings, challenges and people who are special to them and whom they are special to, you start to treat everyone around you with more patience, love and kindness. And that’s really what positive psychology is all about!

TN: How will Scentsy be using your Applied Positive Psychology training?

MS: We have already begun classes for our employees at the home office, and we’ll be launching quick training videos in the coming months. It will also likely be included in our events and trainings in the near future.

Get started now! Share three good things in the comments section.

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