Indoor activities for kids and the family

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5 ways to make the most of family night

Face it, you juggle a lot of responsibilities. Day in and day out, you’re balancing work, family, school, that bake sale next week, shopping and more. When things slow down during the holidays, you might not know what to do with your spare time. And during the cold months, our list of recreational activities is often cut in half.

Don’t let your holiday breaks go to waste this year! When boredom hits, escape the doldrums with these indoor activities for the whole family.

1. Bake and build a gingerbread house

You see gingerbread house kits on store shelves everywhere, but you can have twice the fun (and much better flavor) with homemade gingerbread. Try this recipe from Food Network, and find fun trimmings in the candy aisle.

2. Perform holiday karaoke

 If you sing along to holiday hits in the car, why not harmonize with friends and family? Have a karaoke party featuring seasonal classics, and don’t forget to pass out snacks. And if you prefer listening to music rather than performing, try playing “guess that tune” with familiar carols and holiday movie soundtracks.

3. Craft an advent calendar

Nothing builds excitement for the holidays like an advent calendar! And by crafting your own calendar, you can customize it for any holiday timeline. Go elaborate by hanging two dozen stockings on a wall, or keep it simple by decorating old shoe boxes. Think outside the box (and inside your budget) by putting coupons for holiday experiences in your calendar, like caroling or sledding at the park.

4. Cook up some delicious treats

Look online for inspiration or call up your grandmother for her snickerdoodle recipe that you adore. Make your baking super sweet by sharing the goodies with friends and neighbors. And if baking isn’t your thing, but you love a homey, gourmand atmosphere, check out Scentsy’s bakery fragrance family. 

5. Write and perform a play

To act or not to act — that is the question! You don’t have to grace center stage if your part is played by a stuffed animal or sock puppet. (Now would be a good time to bring out your Scentsy Buddy collection!) Ask your kiddos to make up a story or act out a fairy tale they already know. No doubt, they will add their own twist!

Scentsy Buddies being used as characters in an at home play

Enjoy your much-deserved downtime with family and friends! What’s your favorite indoor activity? Share in the comments!

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