It’s Business Women’s Day! Here are three lessons we’ve learned from inspiring women

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It’s time to celebrate businesswomen!

Sept. 22 is Business Women’s Day — so we wanted to spread the word! After all, the hardworking boss ladies of the world more than deserve a little recognition for all they do. At Scentsy, we’re incredibly lucky to work with inspirational businesswomen every day. So many independent Consultants are women who exemplify the leadership, strength and perseverance that this day is all about. Here are just a few lessons we’ve learned from these incredible women.

Businesswomen exemplify independence

It takes a lot of courage and self-determination to run your own business, but the flexibility this path offers can be more than worth it. From adventurous spirits craving the freedom to set their own hours, to determined caregivers who build their career without sacrificing family time, we’ve seen women thrive as Consultants time and time again.

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Businesswomen are changing the world

According to a 2019 survey conducted by JP Morgan Chase 36% of all small businesses in the United States are owned by women. While this number can and should be higher, it represents a great deal of progress. In 1972 the number of small businesses with women at the helm was just 4.6%. This level of momentous change is a testament to the tenacity of millions of businesswomen who have blazed a trail for the next generation. We’re lucky enough to see this progress firsthand, witnessing Consultants who’ve inspired their daughters, mothers and other women in their family to start their own Scentsy business.

Businesswomen take care of business

Women aren’t only changing the face of business leadership — they’re raising the bar. Boston Consulting Group found that businesses founded by women often accomplish more with less, noting, “Businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue — more than twice as much per dollar invested — than those founded by men.” This is despite the fact that the majority of businesswomen begin their careers with less startup capital than their male counterparts. Over the years, we’ve seen many women rise from truly challenging circumstances to become SuperStar Directors, running thriving Scentsy businesses and leading other Consultants.

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In short, there’s a lot to celebrate this Business Women’s Day. If you’re one of these incredible women, we’d love you to share advice or inspiring stories in the comments below. If you know a businesswoman, give them a shout-out! And if you’re a woman thinking about embracing the thrill and independence of starting your own business, go for it! Interested in becoming a Scentsy Consultant? Click here to learn more!

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