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If you’ve ever thought about making Scentsy your career, now is a great time to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant! Throughout June 2022, Scentsy Escential Starter Kits are only $25 USD and offer all the basics you need to kickstart your Scentsy business! There are many perks to becoming a Consultant, but how does the experience feel? No one can sum up what joining the Scentsy family is like better than our Consultants themselves:

Reach out

There are over 250,000 Consultants worldwide — each with their own unique Scentsy story to tell. If you have a Consultant, reach out to them! They’ll be happy to share their story and answer any questions you have about joining! If you don’t have a Consultant, you can find one at scentsy.com. Here are some common themes we hear from members of our Scentsy family:

Building confidence

Many Consultants admit that they didn’t see themselves as having an outgoing personality before joining Scentsy. However, through building business skills and fostering a sense of community with their fellow Consultants, many become social butterflies! One self-described “shy” Consultant described this experience during their first Scentsy Family Reunion: “I was immediately and completely accepted and welcomed by everyone I met along the way. I pretty much instantly felt like I’d known these special people for years!”

Scentsy Building Confidence - Consultants at SFR partying and having fun

Making connections

There’s a reason we call our community the Scentsy family — the connections Consultants build with one another are authentic, lasting bonds. We often hear about lifelong friendships that started at a Scentsy event. As a Consultant retuning to one of the first live events since the global health crisis reflected: “It is hard to describe what being a part of [Scentsy] is like without sounding like a complete cheese, but it is just the best thing. I have friends for life here, and there is so much love and support. It’s like we haven’t been apart at all.”

Scentsy Making Connection - Consultants celebrating their reward of getting to go on vacation with Scentsy

Welcoming diversity

With Consultants on three continents, we’re proud of the diversity of voices and experiences within our Scentsy family. Every year we see people from very different walks of life come together to work, collaborate and thrive with one another. As a Consultant traveling home from an event in London put it: “It doesn’t matter who you are, your life choices, your past — everyone is welcome, included and loved just the same.”

Want to know more about joining Scentsy — including special offers for June 2022? Visit your Consultant’s Personal Website and click the “Join” button!

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