Show your support during Teacher Appreciation Week

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All of us have benefited from the guidance of a teacher, whether a classroom instructor or a trusted mentor. Maybe you have fond memories of a kindergarten teacher, or you can still recall some wise advice of a college professor.

Now is the time to show extra love and support to teachers, because Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 8! Take a moment to reflect on your positive experiences with education and consider how you can show your appreciation toward our hard-working teachers.

Teachers in all forms

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. If you think you don’t have a teacher in your life just because you’re out of school, think again! Managers and coworkers, neighbors and friends, coaches and grandmothers — there are teachers everywhere. Some of the best leaders in any industry or organization are also excellent teachers. Though Teacher Appreciation Week is centered on formal educators, you can still show appreciation to others who have helped you learn. 

Who is a mentor in your life? How can you be a mentor to others?

Reimagine the future

Teachers are innovators, and their ability to adapt the classroom to the needs of their students was strong even before the COVID-19 lockdowns. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. By investing time and energy into the individual needs of their students, teachers are not only improving their students, but also the future their students will create.

When did a teacher show individual care for you or a student in your life?

Show your appreciation

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. During Teacher Appreciation Week, try writing a few kind words to a teacher in your life, and if you have kiddos in school, encourage them to do the same. You might write about a moment when that teacher helped you or your child grow, or you could jot down some of positive qualities you’ve noticed in the teacher.

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Which teacher or mentor needs to hear your kind words? (Hint: All of them!)

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