Simple tips to decorate your man cave

Just because we call it a “man cave” doesn’t mean it has to be cavernous!  If you’re a guy looking to make your dream room a reality, or you happen to know a cave-dweller who would appreciate some renovations, we’re here to help. Follow these tips and you can transform any gloomy guy-grotto into an impressive dude-den:

See comfort in a new light

Any man cave is ultimately about one thing: relaxation. It’s an oasis to get away from stress, catch a game and enjoy a cold beverage. While some guys mistake a sofa and a minifridge as the be-all end-all of comfort, the truth is a few simple décor choices can make a huge difference. Using warm lighting fixtures, for example, can give your space a welcoming atmosphere.

Put your passions on display

A man cave is an invitation to be loud and proud about your hobbies. Posters, souvenirs, memorabilia — this is a place they can truly shine in all their glory. These are more than conversation starters: They’re a window into your personality. Whether you pick a theme and stick to it, or create a mashup of your interests, you’ll be creating a snapshot of the things that bring you joy.

Don’t neglect fragrance

Don’t let your cave get “dank” or “musty.” Just like a good sound system, finding the right fragrance system can be truly transformative. Masculine fragrances like Mystery Man and Weathered Leather add another layer of immersion to your happy place, especially when they’re inspired by your passions. For example, Scentsy’s officially licensed sports collections can help any fan take gameday to new levels of excitement while repping their favorite team!

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