5 simple ways to add summer style at home

Woman relaxing on the side of a pool

Summer is all about soaking up every moment, from sunrise to sunset. And on the most perfect sunny days, we balance major playtime and adventure with long afternoon naps, inspiring daydreams and lazy soaks in the nearest body of water.

Only in summer can you experience such high and low energy, such motivation and absolute exhaustion — and that’s all in the same afternoon! Because while bright sunshine can be invigorating in doses, too much just makes you want to close your eyes.

Take a break from the heat without letting go of your hard-won summer state of mind! Bring that carefree vibe indoors and feel a little bit lighter, brighter and more alive all season long.

Here are the summer décor trends we’re loving now:

Add a splash of bright color — everywhere!

Think back to your last trip to the beach, especially a more tropical spot. Was it muted and subtle, or totally drenched in color? From the deepest hibiscus pinks to the juiciest pineapple yellows, from crystal blue waters to the busiest Hawaiian shirts, summer getaways are almost never neutral.

Three terracotta planters with small plants in each

Celebrate that energy with splashes of bright, unexpected color throughout your home. No need to permanently redecorate to get the style you crave, instead:

  • Swap out the pillows and throws on your couch or bed with bold, tropical prints.
  • Choose a new potted plant or two, like an orchid, aloe vera or philodendron (we won’t tell if you go faux).
  • Pick up a few bright, summer-ready accents from your local craft or home goods store, then place them on shelves, counters and corners galore.  
  • Keep a bowl of colorful fruit — think pineapple, mangos, bananas and tangerines — as your featured table centerpiece.
  • Scentsy pick: Our Pretty Paradise Warmer has all the charm of a vintage postcard from a faraway beach — it’s the perfect getaway-inspired piece for your summer staycation.

You decorate for the holidays, so why not now? At the end of the season, create a new summertime décor bin to store your favorite finds until next year.

Don’t forget bright, tropical fragrances for vacation-level unwinding.

Go citrus, fruity or downright playful and trick your senses into summertime submission.

Ready to make those summertime vibes stick?

Start exploring, do a little daydreaming, then reach out to your Scentsy Consultant for products sure to look (and smell) amazing all season long. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at scentsy.com.

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