Simple ways to spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

Little gifts that mean the world to moms

Mother’s Day gifts are easy to overthink — after all, what present could you possibly give someone who’s given you the gift of life? So, if you’re struggling to find what feels like a worthy “thank you” for your mom or a mother figure in your life, we don’t blame you! But while motherhood deserves so much more celebration than  one day a year!  A few simple acts of appreciation can make for a lasting gift while also ensuring  she has an unforgettable Mother’s Day. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

Give Mom your time

Whether you live in the same town or across the country, chances are your mom would love to see more of you! Setting aside some one-on-one time to really connect with your mother — whether over brunch or  the internet — is a great start to any Mother’s Day. Catch up, reminisce and share the things you’re grateful for! Giving your time can also mean volunteering your talents to make a difference in your mom’s life, like helping out around her home or being her own personal tech support.

Help Mom relax

Selflessness and motherhood go hand-in-hand, which means many moms struggle to treat themselves — even on Mother’s Day. A gift that invites  her to slow down and enjoy some peace and quiet can be the present she didn’t even know she needed! Luxurious self-care products are a perfect way to say “have a relaxing day, Mom. You deserve it!” Scentsy’s Mother’s Day Collection is all about giving moms a much-needed excuse to pamper themselves.

Send a hand-written note

This idea pairs well with any Mother’s Day gift but can also stand on its own! These days, handwritten letters are a true novelty, which adds an emotional weight to any message that you just won’t get in an e-card. If it helps, you can start with a stock Mother’s Day card  featuring a fun or touching prewritten message. But don’t just sign your name and be done with it! Add a personal note to make your message unique: You could write about a favorite childhood memory or a  lesson your mom taught you that you treasure to this day. Taking the time to put your appreciation into words is exactly the kind of gesture that transforms a simple gift into a lifelong keepsake.

How do you plan to celebrate the moms in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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