Spoil your pets for National Pet Month

Dog and Cat laying down in a leafy bush

It’s National Pet Month and April 11 is National Pet Day. It’s the best day of the best month for all our furry little friends! Dogs, cats, and lizards, whatever size or shape they are, make sure to give them all the love they deserve on this special day. Not sure how to spread the love? Here are a few ideas that will make your pet’s heart flutter!

The perfect gift

If your pets deserve a treat any day of the year, it’s today! And we’re not talking the stale treats in the back of the cupboard. Today is the day to go above and beyond for your pets! Hit the road and take your best bud to their favorite park or hiking trail! Stop by their favorite pet store on the way back and let them pick out a new toy! Grab a puppuccino before ending the day with a surprise. Visit their best furry (or feathered) friend! By the time you make it home you’ll be too tired to do anything else, so spend the rest of your night with a relaxing snuggle on the couch. Maybe melt your favorite Scentsy fragrance to enhance the relaxing mood!

Dogs on a walk

A fresh cut

What’s a better gift than the gift of style? Celebrate your furry friends by making them a little bit less furry. Spend a couple minutes brushing your dog or cat to get all that hair they shed off them. Not only does this prevent mess around the house, but regular brushing keeps your pet’s skin and fur healthy. Well-brushed fur also helps your pet regulate their body temperature, so it’s a good habit to start with the summer months approaching. Another important part of pet grooming is bath time. A regular bath helps keep fur clean and shiny while also eliminating pet odor.

The hoops we jump through

A fun and relaxing day of brushing might be what some pets need, but sometimes the best gift for our little balls of energy is a day at the park. Play some of their favorite games like fetch, tug of war or chase the tail. For those looking for an extra challenge, try teaching them a new trick! Exercise is incredibly important for keeping your pets their healthiest. It lowers blood pressure while building muscle and healthy bones. Expending all their pent-up energy also helps with anxiety and behavioral problems while building trust between the two of you.

There are lots of ways to show your pet some love this month! What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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