3 Surprising Perks of Starting Your Own Business

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Have you been considering a side business?

These days, more and more people are! Maybe you work full-time, but it’s not as fulfilling as you’d like — or it doesn’t quite pay the bills. Or you’re a stay-at-home parent who needs something just for YOU.

The best part about having a side business is that you can choose something you LOVE to do. It’s no coincidence that a record 20.5 million people were in direct selling (aka network marketing) by 2016.

At Scentsy, we like to call it social selling. Because above all else, it’s a relationship business. A chance to align around a common goal with people you admire. To sell products you love and would be sharing with others, anyway.

It’s also a great opportunity to break ground on something new without needing much of an investment — and the flexibility and benefits are a no-brainer! But there are also opportunities you might not expect:

You can ditch your comfort zone

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You know how little kids get growing pains, those tingly feelings in their arms and legs that make them restless or achy as their bodies grow? It’s kind of like that. To grow beyond your current abilities, it might get uncomfortable. You’ll probably feel butterflies in your stomach — for a time. There’s a learning curve in all new things, and reaching the other side means you will have to climb.

Scentsy President Heidi Thompson encourages us to embrace the butterflies — that to grow, you MUST be uncomfortable. Those tingles and aches should be celebrated, because they mean you’re doing something real to get from where you are to where you want to be.

You can build your network

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Here’s the thing about leaving your comfort zone: You don’t have to do it alone. When your heart is in your work, the relationships you build along the way mean something. Your friendships help to carry you through! Surround yourself with people who share your goals, who understand and align with your ideals, who offer unconditional support and encouragement when you need it, and who push you — and join you! — as you work hard to grow.

At Scentsy, we encourage Consultants to build a team, their own personal, handpicked network of people to join them on their journey. That collaboration helps Scentsy Consultants stay focused and enthusiastic, plus it’s just more fun — and shouldn’t it be?

You can be a leader

Photo of Scentsy's CEO Heidi and Orville recognizing consultant at SFR

Maybe you don’t feel like one now, or maybe the thought of leading anything makes you want to hide under the covers. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: The more you do, the more you can do. We know that breaking down goals into manageable chunks is key — that saying about eating an elephant one bite at a time holds up. Look at your destination to LEADER as a journey you’ll take one step at a time.

When you decide to start a side business, consider Scentsy. Especially if you love the products (who doesn’t?) or align with our mission to bring value to the world. A deeper connection to what you do means the time you spend on it is about so much more than a paycheck — it feeds your soul.

It’s time to learn more about the Scentsy opportunity. Start here.


  1. Heather Llanes

    When I joined Scentsy it was just to try a side gig. I loved the products and thought I could earn a little on the side by sharing my love. I never realized it would grow to a legit income source! I’m so happy i found Scentsy. The potential in this biz is incredible!

    • Scentsy

      We’re so thrilled to hear your love for Scentsy turned into something even greater! ??

  2. Christina Osburn

    As someone who joined as a kit napper, I am so thankful for the greater good Scentsy had in store for me! I am social, I am building a team and I am a leader now thanks to Scentsy! Boy am I thankful my WHY changed in so many ways since day one!

  3. Martina

    I joined scentsy in may 2015, as in April 2015 i was in intensive care suffering from kidney failure (i’ve got alot of rare medical diseases, currently no cures or treatments in the UK,mostly like wont be either, they are lifelong & life limiting illnesses ) anyway i was critically ill, thankfully the Drs stopped them completely failing hence why im still alive today. I suffer serious mental health issues as well and when i got home from hospital i felt like giving up, i couldn’t put my 3 babies through that scary time again thinking their mum was going to heaven still kills me, anyway my husband who knows I’m SCENTSY crazy bought me our business ? i cried and screamed with excitement. It was only for my own waxes and my close friends orders. Little did i know i would smash my shooting star, my scentsational start level 2 award and promote to star within 4 months. Scentsy saved my life in more ways than one, that’s for another day. Unfortunately my team is decreasing my sales are still good, having my darling mum fight for her life battling glioblastoma grade 4 brain cancer (thee worst form of brain cancer) she’s my inspiration as she was given 6 months life expectancy if she understands went surgery and treatment, she did and that was October 2017 she’s still here she’s failing but i will be there for her every step of the way. This is causing my business to slip as i don’t have the time and that’s the joys of scentsy, it still works (not on full par & i will have to build my team up in the future again ) sales are consistent considering im not putting much effort in. Building a genuine strong customer base is important in direct sales, in 3 years Ive lost only 1 customer and that was due to personal issues.
    So no matter how crazy hectic your life is……….. Trust me scentsy will just slip in, you do need to work it nothing in this life is free or easy xxxx If i can do it then YOU can do it too xxxx

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