Happy birthday Scentsy!

Scentsy's 17th birthday cake with balloons around

Celebrating 17 years of fragrance

Way back in 2004, Heidi and Orville Thompson made their fateful decision to “swing for the fences.” The couple converted a shipping container on their farm in Meridian, Idaho, into an office space to develop their wickless candle business. This Thursday, we’re celebrating the 17th anniversary of this humble beginning, and all the milestones Scentsy has made along the way!

My, how we’ve grown

While the Scentsy home office is still located in Meridian, our staff definitely couldn’t squeeze into a single shipping container. During Scentsy’s first anniversary in 2005, Heidi and Orville were still the company’s only employees — they’d hire their first handful of employees later that fall. In the early years, Scentsy’s birthday was celebrated with small, picnic-style gatherings in the park. Today, we have more than 1,800 employees around the world helping people fill their lives with fragrance. And this year, employees and their families will celebrate on the Scentsy campus with a night of live music, prizes, food trucks and more!

Remaining true to our roots

Of course, celebrating the hardworking people at Scentsy is only part of how we mark this occasion. Each summer, Scentsy puts on a Rock-a-Thon fundraiser to support charitable causes in our community! Projects like this ensure that no matter how much we grow, we remain committed to the Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity that helped Scentsy thrive in the first place. This year’s Rock-a-Thon kicks off in September, so stay tuned for details!

Getting together with the fam

Scentsy was able to reach this incredible 17-year milestone thanks to the hard work and passion of Independent Scentsy Consultants — an integral part of our Scentsy family! That’s why every summer, around our anniversary, we hold the Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR). With fun events, keynote speeches, business training and the opportunity to meet, collaborate with and be inspired by other Consultants, SFR is always a blast! Interested in experiencing the magic yourself? Learn how to become a Consultant!

Already a Scentsy Consultant? How long have you been on your own Scentsy journey? Let us know in the comments!

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