How many scents does Scentsy have?

Scentsy helps people around the world fill their lives with fragrance, but just how many Scentsy scents have we created over the years? The short answer is: more than 1,000! And while we don’t offer all of our fragrances at the same time — we’re constantly swapping out scents to make room for new creations — you’ll always find a huge variety of fragrances to choose from.

Scentsy keeps scents fresh

Part of being an industry leader in the world of fragrance is always keeping things fresh. We love crafting new scents for our fans to fall in love with and providing the perfect fragrances for every time of year. For this reason, we rotate our fragrance line with the changing seasons — offering one catalog for spring and summer and one for fall and winter. These seasonal offerings feature both new scents and returning favorites.

A fragrance for every occasion

Beyond the seasonal changes, Scentsy also regularly releases unique scents to mark special occasions. For example, the Harvest Collection features fragrances like Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack’s Obsession, capturing the spooky essence of Halloween! From major holidays to sports season, chances are there’s a Scentsy Bar you can be celebrating with.

Bringing back classic scents

As exciting as new Scentsy Bars are, we know that once you’ve fallen in love with a fragrance, it’s hard to see it go out of circulation. That’s why we offer Bring Back My Bar twice a year, where Scentsy fans have a chance to vote on their favorite discontinued fragrances to make a comeback! This is a great way to re-experience the scents that may have introduced you to Scentsy in the first place. And of course, for those fragrances you simply can’t live without, there’s Scentsy Club. Club members enjoy the Always Get My Bar perk, which lets you pick your favorite Scentsy Bars, and we’ll keep making them for you — even if the fragrance is discontinued!

So many scents, so little time

With so many seasonal and specialty scents on offer, how do you choose what to order? Our fragrance engineers have identified fragrance families so you can dial in on the aromatic experiences you most enjoy. All of our scents are neatly sorted into these families, making it easy to find new favorites! Love the Cloudberry Dreams scent? Check out the fruity family of fragrances! Want to explore warmer aromas for the holiday season? The spice category has you covered!

The exact number of Scentsy fragrances may always be changing, but the one thing that will always remain the same is our commitment to making the best aromatic experiences possible. What fragrance did you first fall in love with? Let us know in the comments!


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