Meet our Disney product designer!

Jason, Scentsy Product Design Manager

Our Disney products have a special kind of magic. When you add our exclusive Scentsy fragrances to their iconic characters, we just fit! There’s nothing better than delighting Disney fans with new Scentsy products that add another layer of fun and fantasy to the stories they love so much. 

It takes a village to bring it all to life, but we want to shine the Scentsy spotlight on one amazing member of the team:  

Meet Jason, Product Design Manager

In high school, Jason loved drawing and knew he wanted to be an animator for Disney. After serving in the Army during Desert Storm, he secured a highly competitive spot at CalArts, an animation school in Valencia, California, founded by Walt and Roy Disney to develop creative talent.

Fun fact: Jason was recruited for the very first apprentice program at Disney Consumer Products, focused on life drawing, character art, concept design, sculpting, illustrating and product development.

Before coming to Scentsy in January 2018, Jason worked as a Senior Character Artist at Disney Consumer Products, and also for Pixar, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Cartoon Network and Sanrio.

Now, with about 25 years of experience under his belt, Jason designs all of Scentsy’s Disney, Marvel and Star Wars warmers, plus helps with creative direction on everything else Disney, from Kids products to packaging and marketing materials.

Jason posing with Mickey and Minnie Giant Scentsy Buddies

Here’s a peek behind the scenes at a day in the life of Jason:

What does your typical Scentsy day look like?

I often start my day in the Scentsy Commons Kitchen, trying to avoid eye contact with the mountain of glorious bacon there. I spend the early morning catching up on the product development emails that have arrived overnight. Then I attempt to spend a few hours in an email-free creative zone — with noise-cancelling headphones, of course — exploring and sketching out new product concepts.

I spend a few hours each day in meetings, discussing all the granular details of product and packaging projects, roadmaps, timelines, costs, wish lists, etc. Afternoons are usually spent drawing technical overlay corrections on photos of products in various stages of development, making the licensed characters look more like the characters we know and love.

Do you watch Disney, Marvel or Star Wars movies for inspiration? What’s your favorite?

Yes, all the time! Favorite? C’mon now, that’s a trick question! So, so many: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Incredibles, Aladdin, Toy Story, The Emperor’s New Groove, Lilo & Stitch and, perhaps the most underrated, Tangled (my daughter and I love watching it together). From there, Episodes IV, V and VI of Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and I loved the creativity and aesthetic of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Limited Time Offer - The Child and Scent Pak from the Star Wars Series - The Mandalorian

Fun fact: It took the invention of the internet and social media for Jason to finally discover that he was born on Star Wars Day … May the 4th.

Which Disney character do you relate to most? Why?

Maximus, the horse from Tangled. His hilarious hyper-focus and overachiever attitude. I bet people laugh at my focus-face when I’m drawing, too.

Which Disney product was the most fun to design? Which was the hardest?

Most fun: Jack Skellington Pumpkin King and the Millennium Falcon warmers.

Hardest: The one I’m currently working on and can’t mention! But next to that, I’d have to say The Child – Scentsy Buddy. I collaborated with Julie (fellow Scentsy designer) on this, and between the rush to get the little guy to market, the lack of any previous patterns to follow and the dozens of design revisions from Lucasfilm, we lost a lot of sleep, believe me!

Scentsy Limited Time Jack Skellington Warmer and Scent Bar

Fun fact: Jason’s favorite Scentsy fragrance is Jack’s Obsession, the limited-edition scent we launched with the Jack Skellington Warmer!

Scentsy Consultants love Disney! Has their enthusiasm surprised you?

I was backstage in Anaheim at Scentsy Family Reunion 2018 when we announced our new partnership with Disney, and whoa. I thought the roar was going to bring down the scaffolding I was standing under! At lunch the next day, a few Scentsy staff members and I were sitting at a table with Consultants. One of the staff outed me, saying, “Hey, this guy right here is the one designing all the Disney products.” Of course, I had just taken a huge bite of my sandwich. With all the ravenous questions and spontaneous idea-sharing, I didn’t get to finish my lunch that day!

Scentsy Family Reunion Disney Presentation

Fun fact: In his early 20s, Jason was working for Disney and they sent him to Disneyland to experience the magic of being a walk-around character for a day!

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

I’m currently working on the most challenging warmer design to date! It needed to be something special and integrate more than just a single character, but still resonate with the core fanbase. We had started developing a cool technology for our Frozen II Warmer last year, but had to remove it due to technical difficulties. Now, I’m hoping we’re ready to use it!

To shop Scentsy’s Disney Collection, including limited-edition Marvel and Star Wars products, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at


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    I think we should have another Disney princess merida the movie brave warmer and bars collection but I was also think something different why not a Jurassic park warmer and bars I know that not a Disney movie but what is best thought to give a idea

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    Awesome! I love it when we share stories like these!

  3. Danielle Newcomer

    I have tons of great ideas for Disney themed warmers like Aladdin and sleeping beauty Snow White etc etc

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