Meet the Scentsy Shipping team!

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How do your favorite Scentsy products make their way to you? The skill and dedication of the Scentsy Shipping team makes the magic happen!

What does the Scentsy Shipping team do?

Put simply, the Shipping team works hard to ensure you get your favorite products. As Shipping Manager Kaya Refaey explained, “Our job is to make sure that whoever is opening that Scentsy package has the best experience possible! We strive to pack each box quickly, accurately and safely so Consultants and customers can just open and enjoy!”

Keeping it cool

Sending scented wax across the globe poses unique challenges, especially during the warmer months. Our Shipping team takes extra precautions to keep your Scentsy Bars solid during transit! The team considers how long it will take a Scentsy Bar to reach your address, as well as the weather forecasted along the route. Using this data, our shipping experts determine how much ice to pack with your order, to keep it cool throughout the journey.

Scentsy Meet the shipping team photo collage

Serving customers near and far

Scentsy has multiple distribution centers around the world, ensuring our international community of Scentsy fans can enjoy great fragrance. Our home office in Meridian, Idaho, frequently fulfills orders in 20 U.S. states and seven Canadian provinces!

Check out these stats

With so many regions to serve, there’s rarely a dull moment for our shipping experts. As of 2021, the home office fulfills an average of 10,000 orders every day. Of course, it can get far busier. In 2020, our Shipping team made company history, processing the highest volume of orders ever received: more than 25,000 orders processed in a single day!

Scentsy Meet the shipping team photo collage

The secret to shipping success

Fulfilling tens of thousands of orders — each with individual shipping considerations — takes a dedicated group of professionals who know the value of teamwork.

“We genuinely care for one another and have a strong desire to see Scentsy succeed,” Kaya said.

Thank you for all you do, Shipping!

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