Greet the neighbors with Scentsy

Even if it’s just across town, moving into a new place can be intimidating — especially when you don’t know anyone in the area. If a new family has moved to your neighborhood, you have a chance to help make their transition a little less stressful. Dropping by to deliver a gift basket is a perfect way to introduce yourself and make your new neighbors feel welcome. But what makes a good gift basket? We’ve got you covered:


Cookies and cupcakes are a classic neighborly offering ­— but there are a few pitfalls when giving these as a welcome gift. Allergies and other dietary constraints can turn a friendly gesture into an awkward exchange. If you want treats to be a part of your welcome basket, consider calling ahead and asking what your new neighbors can and can’t eat. This may ruin the element of surprise, but the extra effort to be accommodating is a sweet gift in itself. Alternatively, you can include gift cards to your favorite local restaurant. This way, they have more options and a chance to get to know the area!

Scentsy Mini Warmer and Scentsy Bars

What better way to celebrate a housewarming than with a Scentsy Mini Warmer? These versatile wax warmers are prefect for bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and anywhere else with an outlet! Throw in a few Scentsy Bars so your new neighbors will have something to warm immediately. We recommend Welcome Home and Luna Scentsy Bars for their comforting fragrance and wide appeal! They’re sure to appreciate the chance to fill their new home with comforting fragrances!

Fragrance Flower

Houseplants are another common housewarming present, but one that may not be well-received. After all, plants need to be taken care of — a responsibility your new neighbors may not appreciate being signed up for. Scentsy’s Fragrance Flowers are a great alternative: combining beauty and fragrance without the need for constant watering!

Scentsy Room Sprays and more

Of course, there’s more than one way to share your love of Scentsy! Unplugged products like Scentsy Room Sprays and Scent Circles all make great gifts to freshen up your neighbors’ new home! These fun, portable fragrance products are perfectly sized for gift baskets, and can be easily stored during the clutter and chaos of settling in after a move.

Contact information

Including a way for your neighbors to get in touch with you is a thoughtful touch to any welcome basket. The reassurance of knowing there’s a friendly face nearby they can reach out to can be a big relief for people new to the neighborhood. And it’s a great way to open more conversations between your households and can be the foundation for new friendships!

What’s an act of kindness a neighbor showed you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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