How to celebrate life’s big moments

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Life is full of reasons to celebrate

There are only a handful of BIG moments in life. You know the ones. Those moments you plan and prepare for. Anxiously await. Share with the people you love most. Commemorate with photos, happy tears and toasts. They’re the stories you tell for YEARS to come.

And they’re worth doing right.

Whether you or someone you love is walking the stage to get a diploma or walking down the aisle, buying a new home or expecting a tiny bundle of joy, hitting a milestone birthday or finally chasing that dream, there’s likely something to celebrate in your world, or there will be soon.

Here are a few simple ideas for celebrating those big moments in life:

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Go heavy on the hoopla

When it comes to celebration, big excitement goes a long way. When your graduate crosses the stage, make sure your cheering section is the loudest in the room. When the bride and groom share their first kiss, whistle your heart out! And when that baby finally comes, don’t be afraid to BEAM with all the happiness you feel.

Celebration isn’t just about expensive gifts, grand gestures or eloquent speeches, it’s about showing up — armed with a whole lotta love.

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Make them blush

These are the moments to head to the craft store, buy poster boards and glitter paints in only the brightest neon colors, scribble “WAY TO GO!” and “WE LOVE YOU!” and “YOU DID IT!” in big, block letters. And wave your sign wildly, with all the whoops and hollers you can muster.

The person on the receiving end might be a little embarrassed, or even pretend they don’t know you for a bit. But your gesture won’t go unnoticed, guaranteed.

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Make your moment memorable

Think about making it special, in a way only YOU can. Maybe it’s time to finally pass down that precious family heirloom or to take the trip together you’ve been talking about for years. The key here is to make it personal. Whether it’s a gift tied to an inside joke only they would understand or a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be shared, don’t wait. There are only so many BIG moments in life to celebrate!

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Celebrate with us!

This is a milestone year for Scentsy — it’s been 15 years since our very first Consultants fell in love with warmers and wax and began sharing Scentsy with the world. We’re celebrating all summer long, leading up to our biggest party of the year at our annual Scentsy Family Reunion in Austin, Texas. 
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What are you celebrating this season? Let us know in the comments!

*Excludes residents of Puerto Rico and Quebec. You don’t have to make a purchase to win; check out the official rules to learn more.

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