What is Scentsy Laundry

Did you know you can infuse clothes with your favorite Scentsy fragrances? Scentsy Laundry products give you everything you need to fight stains, soften fabrics and keep clothes fabulously scented. Knowing how each of these products are used — and how they work together — can help you experience full-cycle fragrance!

What is Laundry Liquid?

This is the workhorse of your laundry routine. With a powerful 6-enzyme formula and a penetrating cleaning agent, Laundry Liquid takes on the toughest stains while enlivening fabrics with signature Scentsy fragrance. The formula is free of any coloring agents and works in hot or cold water — just add it to your washing machine and let it handle the rest! Each 20 fl. oz. bottle of Laundry Liquid contains enough detergent for 50 medium loads.

What are Washer Whiffs?

The perfect companion to our Laundry Liquid, Washer Whiffs infuse clothes with truly long-lasting fragrance. One scoop in your washing machine can keep clothes marvelously scented for up to two weeks. This fragrance booster can even help remove the dank smell you get from front-loading washers! Comes in both 16 oz. and 48 oz. sizes.

What is Scent Soft Fabric Softener?

When you’re looking to give your clothes a little extra love, there’s Scent Soft Fabric Softener. Your laundry will come out of the wash luxuriously soft and with less static. Best of all, this high-quality softener disperses easily during the rinse cycle — meaning you don’t have to worry about any unsightly yellow residue. And of course, your snuggly-soft fabrics will emerge imbued with amazing scent.

What are Dryer Disks?

Just as Landry Liquid and Washer Whiffs work to freshen up fabrics during the wash cycle, Dryer Disks lock in enlivening scents as clothes tumble dry. Toss a disk into your dryer with your next load, and enjoy the warm, full-bodied fragrance as you fold laundry. Dryer Disks are sulphate and phosphate free and last for 15 loads each!

What is Scentsy Fresh Fabric Spray?

Sometimes the fabrics we’d like to freshen up just won’t fit in a washing machine — that’s where Scentsy Fresh Fabric Spray comes in. With powerful odor-eliminating molecules, this spray makes it easy to add a burst of fragrance to hard-to-wash fabrics like carpets, curtains and upholstery! It’s the fast, fresh way to bring beloved Scentsy fragrance to any room!

Together, Scentsy Laundry products can liven up your favorite outfits, linens and gathering spaces. Best of all, these cleaning and freshening agents work hand-in-hand to give fabrics truly long-lasting fragrance. For best results, try using the same scent of Laundry Liquid, Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks in the same load of laundry! Have more questions about Scentsy Laundry? Reach out to your Independent Scentsy Consultant (find a Consultant)!

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