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Bring Back My Bar is Born

The history of our beloved BBMB.


For seven years, Scentsy fragrances were simply discontinued to make room for new scents. Some were just gone for a season, while others were just GONE. It was a roller coaster of emotions.

OMG! I love the new fragrances! CANNOT WAIT!

Wait. Where’s Orange Dreamsicle? WHAT IS HAPPENING, Scentsy???

 OH! They made it a Scentsy Favorite! Now it can never  leave. 

What do you mean, Favorites don’t last forever? STOP TAKING ORANGE DREAMSICLE AWAY!

It was a dark time for many Scentsy fragrance lovers. We don’t like to think about it. (Still struggling? Check out this post.)

The summer of 2011 came with a new spring of hope: BRING. BACK. MY. BAR. We call it BBMB for short.


It was completely unreasonable to ask our fans to give up on the fragrances they loved cold turkey. But to keep introducing new fragrances each season, some would have to go. We devised a master plan:

  • Step 1: Make a list of all our retired Scentsy fragrances.
  • Step 2: Share it with Consultants, customers and fans and invite them to vote for their favorites.
  • Step 3: Bring back the scents with the most votes for one month (plenty of time to stock up). Scentsy Bars only!
  • Step 4: Repeat as necessary.

MILLIONS of votes are cast each season. (Several Consultants banded together to vote more than 80,000 times in two weeks for Huckleberry Heaven in 2016!) No one could ever doubt a Scentsy fan’s passion for fragrance.

They’re so passionate, in fact, that each season we are flooded with questions about the program. So we gathered the experts and answered the ones we receive most, along with a few fun facts about the history of BBMB.

When can I vote for Bring Back My Bar?

We offer BBMB twice a year. Fans vote in October for fragrances available in January, and vote in April for fragrances available in July.

 Help! I can’t find my fragrance on the voting list. Where is it?

There are a few things to consider here:

  • For some fragrances, the necessary ingredients no longer exist. As natural or synthetic ingredients are phased out, sometimes we can mimic the note and rebuild the scent — like with Weathered Leather — other times we just have to take a deep breath, wipe a tear and say goodbye.
  • To be eligible for BBMB, fragrances need to be discontinued for a full year. (No need to vote for seasonal fragrances we plan to add back to catalog.)
  • Once a fragrance is chosen as a BBMB winner, it has to be removed from the running for one season before it can be voted for again. (We brought back Cherry Vanilla in January 2016, so it wasn’t on the list to vote in April 2016.)

Do you include Scents of the Month?

Yes! If we can still make it, we include it in the voting list.

Why is Bring Back My Bar only offered in the U.S. and Canada?

When we launched the program, Scentsy was only doing business in the U.S. and Canada! We’re always exploring new opportunities to share popular programs across borders, but business rules are different by country. Who knows what the future might bring?

What fragrances are you bringing back in July 2016?

Bring Back My Bar

Here’s the list! (AND YOU CAN RELAX. Orange Dreamsicle is on it. ) We also have a special announcement coming on Friday, April 29. Stay tuned!

Amber Road
Apple Press
Cherry Limeade
Cranberry Mango
Enchanted Mist
Huckleberry Heaven
Jet, Set, Go!
Juicy Peach
Lemon Coconut Chiffon
Orange Dreamsicle
Peach à la Mode
Perk Me Up
Red Candy Apple
Rio Beach
Route 66
Serene Green
Simply Lemon
Surfer Chick
Vanilla Suede

April 29:   UPDATE

SURPRISE! Because we received more than 3 MILLION votes, we’re bringing back 5 EXTRA BARS as a special thank you!

Fresh Cut Grass
Happy Birthday
Lemons & Berries
Maui Mist

Additional fragrances will be available for purchase starting July 1!

More questions? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!



    Scentsy should never have removed Vanilla Suede from the list!!!!

    • Diane Reply

      THAT’S an understatment!!!
      I finally got it on my Scentsy Club account. My daughter and I fight over the bars when they arrive.

      Another one that I’ve tried to get back is Inner Peace. I’ve voted for it until my fingers are numb—I set a timer to vote every six minutes! And somehow it just never makes it on the bring-back list. So frustrated that I argue with myself about dropping Scentsy altogether. Seriously, that was the scent that made me start buying Scentsy in the first place!

      • Clifteen Forster Reply

        I know how you feel, verbena berry, was our family favorite and there are 6 of us.

      • Clifteen Forster Reply

        I know how you feel. Verbena berry was our family favorite and there are 6 of us.

  2. Mary Reply

    BRING BACK Vanilla walnut 🙂 pppppplease

    • Gisele Macy Reply

      yessss-!!! That is my all -time favorite, I had a couple of customers that loved it too 😀

      • Kelly White Reply

        I really need autumn sunrise to be on the next list I know it won last year and I didn’t know how this worked. I definitely want to build a subscription with that scent!!

  3. Karin Philpott Reply

    So they’re bringing back 2 apple, 2 peach and 2 lemon scents, but no Happy Birthday. I just don’t get it. My heart is aching right now. 🙁

  4. Tiffany WIley Reply

    I think there should be a set of 5-10 retired fragrances that are put in a random lotto and are brought back every month.. This way we can experience so many more of the retired scents and it would be really exciting… Something old and new at the same time… every month….

    • Scentsy Reply

      That is a great suggestion. If you are a Scentsy consultant I would recommend using Idea Share to help bring the idea to life!

    • Kristal Holloway Reply

      It use to be similar to that when bbmb started…they brought back 2-3 scents from each year so the first BBMB was an awesome one! Slowly after that it just got to be recently discontinued scents that are brought back every other BBMB. Newborn Nursery got so many votes that they made it available again on a regular basis! Please submit this idea to idea share so that it will at least be considered…I will definitely vote for it!

  5. Robin Stachitus Reply

    I’m sad that Happy Birthday didn’t make it. I am a consultant who is fairly new, and I have a customer who needs that scent bar as it is the only thing that works to calm her Asperger’s son when he is having an episode.

  6. Connie Cronin Reply

    I would love to see Irish Cream!!!

  7. Cassie Reply

    Happy Birthday would also be nice, but MY WISH IS NEEDED! Several of my clients feel the same way!! HELP!!!

  8. Dawnee McCulley Reply

    I NEED awapuhi Seaberry. WAH. I think that people don’t know what it smells like because it was from so long ago and new scentsy lovers have never smelled it, so they vote for the scents they’ve smelled that haven’t been gone as long.

  9. Helen "Ilene" Dwyer Reply

    Mellow Moments was gone, soon after or before I became a Scentsy consultant. I dearly love it and many of my customers do also. I bought up all I could afford when it was in the sale section. I really want MORE!!!

  10. Brea Reply


  11. Danielle Hughes Reply

    I’m so disappointed that My Home wasn’t even on the list, and that Hazelnut Latte didn’t make the cut! Those two will always be my favorite scents! I hope that they make the next list! I only have 12 bars of Hazelnut left!

  12. Margaret Zinser Reply

    Well Vanilla Walnut was one that I ordered for many of my customers along with myself. I know everyone cannot be pleased or happy but it makes me wonder why in the world some of the best sellers are gone forever. I have customers that will go to Walmart to try and find a similar one and therefore lose a customer. They may not last as long or be as good but they have the scent they wanted to keep. I personally hate the cheap products but many many many do NOT care.

  13. Abby Morris Reply


    • Diane Reply

      I’m with you, Abby. I’ve been voting like rabid for Inner Peace ever since it was dropped from the catalog. I used to buy it in bulk. I’m so very frustrated that it doesn’t come back just once—I could add it to my Scentsy Club list and never worry again! This is definitely one of the best scents the company has ever made–so calming and relaxing, subtle and not too sweet.

  14. Elizabeth Keddell Reply

    Anxiously awaiting the special announcement… do we have an ETA on when this will be posted?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Elizabeth, the special announcement will take place tomorrow. Sometime in the morning.

  15. kim price Reply

    Can I get a list of the BBMB Scents and what scents are in each and every one?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Kim, soon this information will be available to Scentsy Consultants under the Business Resources tab in the Consultant Workstation.

  16. Linda Reply

    I’m so disappointed that sage & sweet grass never made the cut, i had customers asking for this smell for 3 yrs

  17. Noemi Garza Almaraz Reply

    Can you describe the scent of Huckleberry Heaven?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Scentsy Consultants who are familiar with Huckleberry Heaven, can you describe the scent for Noemi?

  18. Carol Knaus Reply

    The reason everyone voted for Huckleberry Heaven .Was we all banded together to bring it back for a little boy named Dylan who Orville made three signed bricks for last year because it helps him sleep. He is Autistic and I challenged all my Facebook friends and customers and our team directed by Carla Hunter to vote for it. Thanks to everyone this little man is ecstatic and can’t wait for it to come out in July. his mother is overwhelmed. My name is Carol Knaus team Scentsy Eh 368771 and this makes me so proud to be a part of the scentsy family this is what humanity is all about.

  19. Evangeline Hill Reply

    Can’t wait to try Huckleberry Heaven or Peach a la Mode.

  20. Tara Reply

    Tearing up over Dylan’s story. Making a priority to order one in July and I will think of him when I warm it. Special little people always need to be in our thoughts 🙂

  21. Crystal Garza Reply

    YAY for the 5 extras! I love Scentsy!

  22. Debra Gales Reply

    Thank you for the five extra my sales will go up up up

  23. Bailey Reply

    What was the order they were voted back? Was just wondering what one was voted for the most!

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Bailey! Huckleberry Heaven received the most votes this year.

  24. Alicia Sadler Reply

    With the BBMB scents is there somewhere where we can find out what they smell like again before we pick what we want to order?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Alicia! If you are a Scentsy Consultant, you can order a tester kit to preview fragrances. If you are not a Consultant, you can find a Consultant near you on Whomever you find near you will have testers for you to smell.

  25. Marsha Rivas Reply

    Tuscan Garden was “hands down” the best scent Scentsy ever invented! PLEASE bring it back for good…..many consultants haven’t even heard of it. Men and women all over the USA love that scent.

  26. Chasity Reply

    Cherry limeade is the one everyone wants!

  27. Marsha Roberts Reply

    There is a watermelon fragrance that one of my customers was hoping they would bring back

  28. Rhonda Werstiuk Reply

    i am really hoping that yuzi dragon makes it back in the fall/winter catalog 2016
    I love that one and sure miss it…Thank you 🙂

  29. Shante Davis Reply

    Soo Happy With the Bring Back My Bar List!!!

  30. Lisa Bowles Reply

    Would like to see My Wish, Wishing Well, Zephyr . And I’m really glad Lucky in Love is back love this scent to .

  31. Anna Gregory Reply

    When will the next voting opportunity be for BBMB? I don’t want to miss it again!

    • Anna Gregory Reply

      Oops! I just saw that you already addressed this in the article. I missed it the first time I read through. I’m looking forward to October!

  32. cindy belka Reply

    When can Consultants order the bring back bars ?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Cindy! Bring Back My party samples and mini-samples will be available for Consultants to purchase on June 15. Bring Back My Bar bars will be available on July 1st for both Consultant and customer purchase.

  33. Barbara Arora Reply

    I’m so sad that Breathless didn’t make the cut! It’s one of my all-time favourites! Breathless & Cashmere…I stocked up on Cashmere last time and was hoping to do the same with Breathless this time ’round. Oh my heart breaks! 🙁

  34. Helen Wilgus Reply

    Are you doing a sampler pack this season for bbmb ahead of time or are all of them just going to be available July 1 ?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Helen,

      Yes. The sampler pack will be available to purchase for Scentsy Consultants on the 15th.



  36. DIVINA USANA Reply


    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Divina,

      It is an amazing fragrance and very popular. It was brought back with the fall winter Bring Back My Bar, so it was taken out as an option for the spring summer Bring Back My Bar.

  37. maria prifitera Reply

    Simply Irristable ,Simply Rose

  38. Lena Naomi Bates Reply

    Can we still put in options for the October vote?? If so, where and how??

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Lena, for Bring Back My Bar. Every bar, except the winners who won last season and bars we can no longer physically make, are on the BBMB voting list.

  39. Gina Reply

    If you don’t have a favorite, I have a few customer that would love for you to please help me vote for Lemon Lavender and Mediteranean Spa! 🙂

  40. Jodi Reply

    Jet, Set, Go!!!

  41. Lynn Moses Reply

    Is there a list of the ones that won’t ever come back? Sugar is the only scent that doesn’t give me a headache sadly. I’ve tried most if not all the other scents, except the food scents that is. I’m not sure what I’d do if I found out it’s gone for good.

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Lynn! That is a great idea and we will add it to our “to-do” list. There are a lot of scents that we can no longer recreate and we agree it would be helpful to have a full list to provide to our customers and Consultants.

  42. Jean Paris Reply

    could a list of scents be made to recommend to sensitive or allergic people

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Jean! That is a great recommendation. However allergies can extend to a wide variety. That is why we include the main fragrances scents & bases with the fragrance description.

  43. Susie smith Reply

    How can I find a list of discontinued scents?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi Susie! Thank you for your comment. The list is quite long. Every time we have bring back my bar it will include every discontinued fragrance. (At least those that we can still create.)

  44. Lindsey Jennings Reply

    I think the Sedona Sunset should be brought back permanently! I would purchase this scent in bulk!!!!!!

  45. Sarah Reply

    Since they can be added to the box, I wish you could just bring back the bars or allow them to be added without the voting. I love Scentsy, but I’m not a fan of many of the fragrances. I have maybe 6 I cling to and coming in late a few of those are from BBMB orders. I wish I would have just stocked up when I had the chance. Voting every 5 minutes is crazy, just once should be all you get. No reason for people to pool votes, if everyone gets so many votes then the fragrances that win are what people want, not just who has the time to sit and vote every 5 minutes. Oh yes, can you PLEASE PLEASE make a cute cactus warmer? ?

    • Diane Reply

      I have to agree, Sarah. I don’t see how it’s possible to compete with an organized “machine” vote. I too have just a few scents I love—four to be exact. I’ve managed to get three on my Scentsy Club order, so I know I’ll always be able to get them. Now . . . if I can just get Inner Peace back for one month!

      BTW, the option to always be able to get a discontinued scent on a Scentsy Club account was sheer brilliance on someone’s part!

  46. Kathy C Reply

    My forever favorite is never on the BBMB vote list.
    Mulberry Apple Masala!!!! It’s the BEST. Please bring it back!

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