Classic Scentsy Bars are back! Here’s how to keep them

When a Scentsy Bar retires

All great things come to an end — even fantastic Scentsy Wax Bars are discontinued after a time. While it’s always sad to see a great fragrance depart, it’s necessary to keep our catalog fresh and exciting year to year. But what if there was a way to bring all-time favorite Scentsy Bars out of retirement? Better yet, what if you could keep getting these resurrected bars for as long as you wanted? All of this is possible thanks to Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) and Scentsy Club’s Always Get My Bar perk!

Bring Back My Bar

Just as the name suggests, BBMB gives Scentsy fans the chance to bring their most beloved fragrances back into the limelight! Twice a year, we let customers and Consultants vote to determine which discontinued Scentsy Bars will return for a limited time. Our most recent vote was in January, where Scentsy lovers selected classic fragrances like Rockin’ Ruby Razz and Lemon Thyme Berry to make a comeback! However, these BBMB winners are only available until the end of June — unless you’re a Scentsy Club subscriber, that is.

Scentsy Club: Always Get My Bar

Always Get My Bar is one of the many perks of being a Scentsy Club subscriber, and is particularly useful when BBMB winners are brought back. Always Get My Bar means that as long as a Scentsy Bar is in your subscription, we’ll keep making it for you — even years after it’s been discontinued! This means that you can add this season’s BBMB winners to a subscription right now, and keep receiving your favorite bars even after they go back into retirement. For those that don’t want to see their beloved scents slip away again, Scentsy Club subscriptions and BBMB make the perfect combo.

Keep todays favorites for tomorrow

Always Get My Bar can also be used to save your current favorites before they’re discontinued. This way, you won’t have to wait until your treasured fragrance is made a BBMB candidate, nor will you have to cross your fingers that it gets enough votes to make the cut! Of course, you still might want to vote for bars that you already have on your subscription, if only to give new Scentsy fans the chance to experience your favorites for the first time!

Which Scentsy Bar did you first fall in love with? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Fanie Girard Reply

    Flower child

  2. Janice Edwards Reply

    It would be nice if we could subscribe to our favourites even if they aren’t a BBMB favourite. I have been voting for my favourite and it doesn’t win so sadly I am out of luck. I would gladly subscribe and would order more if it was available

  3. Michael and Kerry Hall Reply

    Please bring back musk stick bars 💗

  4. Charity Lowery Reply


  5. Julie Stessl Reply

    Fresh cut grass

  6. Debbie Brown Reply

    Red Candy Apple. Please bring this back.

  7. Dorothy Salinas Reply

    Bring back Simply Irresistible

  8. Debbie Ousley Reply

    Beach Daisy! Please!!!!!

  9. Jessica Reply

    Cloudberry Dreams (amazing).
    Blue grotto

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