The secret to never run out of Scentsy

You can always enjoy your favorite Scentsy Wax Bars!

Twice a year, as the seasons change, Scentsy releases a catalog filled with new and returning scents. This keeps things fresh while ensuring the fragrances offered are seasonally appropriate, since Apple Cherry Strudel may feel out of place on a hot summer day. But what if you do want to keep experiencing the warm, fruity notes of this seasonal favorite year-round? For that, there’s Scentsy Club.

What is Scentsy Club?

Scentsy Club is a subscription program that lets you schedule recurring shipments of your favorite Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) to be delivered directly to you!   It’s also a handy way to make sure you always have accessories like Scentsy Light Bulbs on-hand. But did you know that Scentsy Club offers exclusive perks available only to subscribers — including Always Get My Bar?

Always get your bar

Just like it sounds, Scentsy Club means you never go without your favorite fragrance. Even if a bar is discontinued, we’ll keep making it for you as long as it’s in your club subscription! You can choose any Scentsy Bar in the current catalog, as well as fragrances included in select limited-time offers. Even if the limited-time bar you want has already sold out, it will still be available to add to Scentsy Club subscriptions for 30 days after its launch! If you have a scent that you just can’t go without, the Always Get My Bar perk alone makes Scentsy Club worth trying!

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Make it your own

Scentsy Club orders are fully customizable — you choose which products are shipped and when. This way, you can make sure your order fits your needs as well as your schedule — all in a few clicks. Just set it and forget it!

Get savings on everything Scentsy

Did we mention Scentsy Club subscribers also enjoy exclusive savings? All orders over $30 are 10% off, and orders over $60 let you add an additional item for half-price! Not only do you have the chance to keep enjoying beloved fragrances year-round, you can save big in the process!

The Scentsy Fall/Winter 2020 Catalog will be discontinued soon, so be sure to lock-in your favorite Scentsy Bars before they disappear! Luckily, it’s easy. Just reach out to your Consultant or visit their website to become a Scentsy Club subscriber! Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at!


  1. Anita Schemitz

    I won’t buy anymore scentsy since I don’t see French Lavender available.

    • Scentsy

      Saying goodbye to a favorite scent is hard. It’s possible that fragrance could return in a future catalog or Bring Back My Bar promotion.

      • Krystelle Byttynen

        French Lavender is coming back in our Spring/Summer catalogue available Feb 1st!

    • Christy Vanwechel

      I believe that one will be back in our spring catalog

    • Ashley

      Become a monthly subscriber and you will be able to keep receiving your favorite scents even after they become discontinued ! It’s a win win !

  2. Debbi Amador

    I have the best consultant ever. She shared this “secret” with me months ago. I receive my favorite Shimmer each and every month. Thanks so much Elva Flowers-Martes!

  3. buy and sell scents

    Really happy to get some informative content. Good stuff!

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