Scentsy presents for graduates

Graduating is a major achievement that kicks off the next chapter in a student’s life — and a notoriously tough event to shop for. How do you find a graduation present that measures up to such a significant milestone? Luckily, you don’t need a degree in gift-giving to find the perfect fit. We’ve put together this study guide to help you bring even more joy to your grad’s special day:

Don’t be afraid to give cash

Simply giving money as a gift has a bit of a stigma around it. You might feel like it’s uncreative or low effort, but the truth is extra cash is often what a recent grad needs most. Whether you know a college graduate looking to start their career, or a high school grad searching for summer work, a little extra spending money can definitely make a difference. Rather than giving gift cards that limit where the money can be spent, cash provides the freedom many people need at this transitional point in their life.

Find travel-friendly gifts

Whether they’re moving cities for a new job, heading off to college, or just taking some time to travel after finishing school, grads appreciate gifts they can carry with them! Presents like Scentsy’s Unplugged line of products offer the perfect amount of flexibility. Scentsy Car Bars, for example, allow graduates to enjoy their favorite Scentsy fragrances while on the road! Fragrance Flowers make the perfect scented décor for dorms, apartments and new homes — all without needing an outlet!

Give graduates your time

Sometimes the best thing you can give a young grad is your availability. Anything from taking the time to offer advice about this critical stage in their life to helping them with practical matters like getting ready to move or job-hunting. Just having an extra hand and familiar face around can mean the world to a grad during what can often be a stressful period in their life. Plus, if they’re moving away, this gives you the chance to spend some quality time with your loved one before they leave!

Are you celebrating any graduations in your family this year? Brag about them in the comments!

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