The fragrant way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Ever hear someone say, “St. Patrick’s Day never smelled so good”?

Probably not, but there’s a first time for everything! Do more than make things green this year. With just a few Scentsy products, you can make anywhere you choose to celebrate smell fantastic! Here are five simple ideas:

  • Create your own “pot of gold” by filling the dish of our Classic Curve – Satin Black Warmer with gold-colored wax cubes, like those from our Sun-Soaked Petals Scentsy Bar!
  • Many Scentsy Diffusers and Scentsy Go fragrance systems are equipped with multicolor LED light displays. Just set your device to pause on the green light and you’ve got a stylish St. Paddy’s centerpiece! Go a step further by using “green” fragrances, like our Cactus Pear Natural Oil blend for your diffuser or our Sea Salt & Avocado Scentsy Pods for your Scentsy Go.
  • Spruce up your décor with natural greenery! Houseplants are a perfect way to embrace this celebration of the emerald isle. Want the aesthetic of nature without the hassle of watering and pruning? Our Little Garden and Aloe Vera warmers bring natural vibes — no green thumb required!
  • Is your child looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory? Introduce them to the Twiggy the Turtle Buddy Clip! This adorable accessory adds the perfect splash of green to any backpack or satchel.
  • Even the smell of your clothes can pay tribute to ol’ St. Pat. Go for a green-fresh scent by adding Amazon Rain Laundry Liquid, Scent Soft and Washer Whiffs to your pre-celebration load, then cap it off with a Dryer Disk!
  • And if you truly want to fill your home with St. Paddy’s signature color, head to the “Collections” tab on and select “Shop by color — Green!”
Lots of Scentsy Clamshells spread out on a table

Which idea sounds like the most fun to you? Let your Scentsy Consultant know (find a Consultant).

Feel free to share your own ideas in the comment section below!


  1. Eva Murdock

    Im new at this but im in love everything smells so nice. I was just diagnoised with cancer so while i rest i can smell beautifil scents
    Thank you

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